Udacity partners with Google to introduce Android Basics Nanodegree programme

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Online educator Udacity has partnered with the tech giant Google to bring in “Android Basic Nanodegree by Google” programme in India that will offer a guided way for new beginners to learn and improve skills that are needed to develop apps for Android.

If any new developer wants to join this programme then it will cost Rs. 9,800 per month and if the developers finish their course before a year, they will  get the refund of 50% fees.

The “Android Basics Nanodegree by Google” is focused at those with small or no experience in programming and gives entry points into Java, web APIs (Application program interfaces) and will allow a beginner to turn his new idea into a real app.

Shanea King-Roberson, Program Manager at Google said in an official blog post that Google in partnership with Udacity is creating Android building accessible and easy to learn by everyone. So that irrespective of learner’s background, he/she can easily teach to develop apps that can help to improve the lives of people surrounded by them.

By the way of promoting early sign-ups for the new programme Android Basics Nanodegree, Google is also making a promise to provide the first 50 graduates scholarships to register in the more developed “Android Developer Nanodegree” programme.

Vardhan Koshal, Country Manager, India Udacity said that this is just a small way towards what Sundar Pichai declared in December, hitting 20 lakh android developers in the upcoming 3 years. He said that they are moving straight towards this vision along with Google.

Udacity has always partnered with the tech companies to offer the educational knowledge to everyone. It has provided courses along with Google for a number of years, such as cloud fundamentals, android fundamentals, web performance and UX fundamentals. In the past, Udacity has joined with Flipkart and presently with Infosys for their hiring/training need in India.

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