Twitter to release new features- push notifications and much more!!!

The social media network Twitter announced on 13th June some new feature that would soon arrive on its app. The social media is reportedly working to alter a few features related to content discovery and also start sending customized push notifications related to news stories. This update is expected to help the users in finding information easily about the topics they care about.

The Moments would reportedly scroll vertically rather than horizontally. According to Twitter, it depicted from a test that vertical layouts yielded more engagement of users in comparison to horizontal layouts. The social media might also add multiple timelines showing various kinds of tweets, created for users to view “all the best Tweets surrounding a story.”

By sending push notifications regarding news stories and by adding little snippets above the timeline of the users, Twitter would make its users stay connected to the world globally. On tapping over these notifications, the users would be shown an all-new page, which would potentially be the center of all conversations and buzz taking place around the news story.

Above the page, there would be one live video showing the things that are going on and as the users will scroll down, the video would get contracted and would tend to move along with the users so that they could keep viewing simultaneously when browsing. Under the video, a brief description about the story would be mentioned along with the related tweets.

As of now, the tweets on the social media are categorized as “Recap and Latest.” According to Twitter, it has plans to add much more in the near future. According to Twitter, it has plans of completely modifying the Explore section. On the top, there are options to filter news and/or tweets by For You, Trending, Sports, News, etc. and in the upcoming update, all-new event sections would be also displayed there.

The time by which these features would arrive is yet not clear but as it could be expected, the next update would be amazing. According to the reports, the features would be rolling out over the upcoming months.

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