Twitter new tool to help women report online harrasment


Taking a great step towards women harassment, Twitter has unveiled a new tool that can help you report any type of harassment that has occurred on the micro-blogging website. Twitter has promised about solving the issue within 24 hours of report.

The tool has been developed in collaboration with Women, Action and Media — a nonprofit organisation. The WAM will essentially monitor the Twitter reports for harassment and abuse against the women. They will monitor the micro-blogging website and the responses it receives for the reports to solve it within a particular time frame.

“I’ll speak frankly,” said Jaclyn Friedman, founder and executive director of WAM. “I think it’s unjust that they need our free labor for this. Twitter is making a lot of money, and they should be putting the resources into this. We should not have to do this project, and I don’t think it would be a shock for Twitter to hear me say that.”

“The disproportionate targeting of women online results in them removing their voices from the public conversation,” Friedman said. “We’re so glad that Twitter recognizes that the best way to ensure equally free speech for all users on their platform is to ensure that all users are equally free to speak without being targeted by harassment, abuse and threats.”

Previously, Twitter was involved in taking individual reports from the users, especially women, for online harassment at the micro-blogging website. 25% women belonging to the age group of 18 – 25 suffer online sexual harassment, whereas, 26% of the same age group have experienced online stalking.

If a woman is attacked verbally at the Twitter, she can file a complaint against not only one person but with the several persons at once. There is no need to fill different forms, and currently they are available with WAM website.

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