Tuberculosis sample subconsciously released in hospital

One among the most fatal diseases of the world, Tuberculosis, made an appearance in the Johns Hopkins Hospital at Baltimore in Maryland on Thursday. The hospital staffs said that a tiny quantity of the germ accidentally released into its facilities during transportation. This event was followed by immediate evacuation of many buildings of the hospital, however, the officials stated that presently there is no risk of anyone contracting the infection.

According to the received reports, a small bottle of frozen tuberculosis sample accidentally dropped down and fell to the floor with its lid open. The sample fell somewhere on an internal bridge, which connects the Cancer Research Building 1 of the hospital to the Cancer Research Building 2. The area where the event occurred was reportedly a non-patient zone. Later, the authorities pulled an alarm and the hospital was evacuated.

John Hopkins said in a statement, “The Baltimore City Fire and Rescue unit initiated hazmat protocols and, out of an abundance of caution, both research buildings were evacuated. Public safety officials, as well as infectious disease experts, have now cleared the buildings, and the evacuation has been lifted.” Further, Hopkins added, “We have confirmed that there was no risk to anyone on campus. We want to thank our employees for their quick response to the situation as well as the Baltimore City Fire Department.”

Tuberculosis is brought around by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria and has reportedly infected around ten million people and has killed around 1.7 million globally in the year 2016 alone. However, in the United States, the disease is gradually becoming rare. In the year 2016, only nine thousand two hundred seventy-two cases of TB were reported, which is regarded to be the lowest count recorded till today.

Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that affects the lungs. TB could result in hacking cough, which tends to continue up to weeks. Patients also experience pain in the chest and even may see blood in the cough. Sometimes the germ tends to lie dormant within the body, without causing the disease or spreading. Although people having latent tuberculosis do not develop the symptoms, yet the germ could appear at a later part of life, generally when the immune system of the person is weakened.

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