Trump renounces its Huawei Ban on U.S. based companies at G20 Conference 2019

Trump renounces its Huawei Ban on U.S. based companies at G20 Conference 2019

On May 15, Trump signed an executive order thereby restricting companies based in the United States from trading and licensing technologies and products with 68 companies listed under its ‘Entity List’ prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This started a chain of impositions where a number of U.S. based companies started pulling their hands from business towards Huawei which was one of the largest Chinese companies listed in the Entity List. 

However, at the G20 Conference held on Saturday, Trump softened the situation by allowing U.S. based companies from trading and licensing technologies and products with Huawei. The move came almost a month after a 90-days reprieve period was allotted to companies in the United States to make arrangements and more. 

According to Trump’s statement, he said that “American companies will continue to do business” with Huawei. However, PCWorld does highlights that it isn’t clear if Trump has agreed to use Huawei’s 5G network technology which is way ahead of others in terms of its prowess. Also, the ban on Huawei selling phones in the United States remains active as well.

After Trump signed the executive order, companies such as Google retracted its support for its Android OS that Huawei & Honor phones use, however, with the latest order coming in from the White House, Huawei users can actually take a breath of relief since they can still use Android OS on their devices. On the other hand, Huawei highlighted that it is also developing its own OS called “Oak OS” which is reportedly 60% faster than the Android OS, however, the question remains if Huawei chooses to stay with Android and use its existing custom ROM EMUI OS or it chooses the Oak OS as its new operating system that will release for all Huawei & Honor phones hereon. 

Apart from Google, Qualcomm, Micron, and Intel too retracted from doing commerce with the Chinese tech giant. However, a few days ago, Micron appointed lawyers and attorneys who found out a loophole in the executive order that allows any U.S. based company from doing commerce with the blocked entities in case if they are using 25% or less of U.S.-originating technologies. Soon, Intel followed the suite and it seems like Qualcomm could follow the same.

Huawei reached out to other Chinese bigwigs like Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo to partner them although more details aren’t available at the moment. Huawei outran Apple in terms of units shipped by shipping more than 200 million units last year taking the second position just after Samsung’s 300-million units shipment last year and it has continued to stay at the second position before this ban was imposed.

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