Trend Micro says ‘Godless’ android malware distributing quickly in India

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According to the report published on Thursday, a family of smartphone malware so-called “Godless” has exploited over 850,000 Android devices globally with about half of these devices in India alone. Based on the detail that came from cyber-security firm Trend Micro’s “Mobile App Reputation Service”, malicious apps belonged to “Godless” are searched in prominent app stores, involving Google Play Store too.

“Godless” remains inside an app and affects the root of the operating system (OS) on the user’s device. This enables admin access to a phone, enabling unauthorized apps to be installed. The report warned that it has various exploits to make sure it can root a device and it can install spyware too.

By containing various exploits to use, ‘Godless’ can hit any Android device that runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop or older version. Almost 90% of Android phones worldwide run on exploited version recently, the company reported. Once the malware has ended its rooting, it can be tricky and difficult to uninstall it from the device.

Nilesh Jain, Country Manager (India and SAARC) of the firm Trend Micro said that when downloading applications, users should check the details about the developer. Unknown developers with very few or no background details may be the main way of these malicious apps. Users should also contain high-secured mobile security that can keep mobile malware away from the device.

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