Top IPL And Big Bash League Differences

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Did you know that cricket is, in fact, the third biggest sport in the world? The biggest one is football, followed by basketball. The interesting thing about this fact is that although cricket is in the same league as football and basketball, not many people who are not into sports are aware of it. Still, it does not diminish the fact that cricket has a huge following all over the world, and several professional leagues and tournaments dedicated to it.

Among all of these professional cricket, competitions are the IPL and Big Bash League. Each league is huge in its way, and each one is unique in its way, too. Several things set the Indian Premier League and the BBL apart, and here are some of them.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League, or the IPL, was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007, and it has its first season run in 2008. This tournament plays cricket in the Twenty20 format. Among all the cricket leagues in the world, the IPL is considered to be the biggest and most famous one, with it being hailed as the most attended cricket event in the world. What made this recognition interesting is that the IPL is mostly played in India only, which only further proves the love and support of the Indians for it throughout the years.

What is the Big Bash League?

The BBL is the professional Twenty20 cricket league of Australia and was established back in 2011. Like the IPL, the BBL is played mostly in various regions and states of Australia only.

Tournament format

Both the IPL and the BBL are T20 leagues, which means that both games operate under the same set of rules. However, IPL is played on a longer duration with 60 total games as opposed to the BBL that has only 35 games played.

Both leagues are franchise tournaments and are under major title sponsorships. The BBL, throughout its course, only had one title sponsor so far–Kentucky fried Chicken. This is why it is also often called the KFC BBL. On the other hand, the IPL has had several sponsors, the most recent ones including smartphone brand Vivo and fantasy sports platform Dream11.

The popularity

By 2019, the IPL was valued at $6.7 billion US worth, which is around ₹475 billion. It is also currently considered as the most-attended cricket tournament in the world and even ranked in the sixth place in the list of biggest audience attendance for all the sports in the year 2014.

The Big Bash League, on the other hand, is not as big as compared to the IPL. It is understandable, however, since the league is newer compared to the IPL that had already found its recognition and solid fanbase not only in India but also in other parts of the world. The BBL had an average single-game attendance of more than 80,000 people and is ranked as the ninth most-attended sporting event in the world so far.

Player restrictions

While most of the IPL players remain to be Indians, the league had always been open to players of other nationalities and ethnicity and ion fact had several popular players that are not Indian. The only restriction of the IPL, however, is that there are no players from Pakistan that can be accepted by any team at any point.

The BBL, on the other hand, suffers from strict foreign policies by only allowing two foreign players per team. This leads to teams not being able to maximize potential by bringing in forging reinforcements when needed.

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