Top Five Virtual Sports in 2022 and How To Bet

Virtual World

As technology improves and infiltrates parts of our world that have, in the past, been the exclusive domain of human beings, things begin to change in exciting ways that we could never have anticipated. Take the world of sports, for example. There was a time, long ago, when the only way to see your favorite sport was to go to the match or race in person. These days, you can experience your favorite sport from wherever you are in the world via radio, TV, or the internet. 

As technology’s influence upon the world of sports has become more pronounced, we’ve seen the rise of virtual sports: games that simulate real-life sporting events.  The very first example of this was back in 1961 when John Borgeson used the IBM 1620 to run a fantasy baseball game. The RNG or Random Number Generator is a vital part of virtual sports; it ensures that the outcome is random and cannot be influenced by any outside parties. There are also virtual sports that are pre-recorded events outside of any “official” sporting league. 

Virtual sports is a rapidly growing sector in the world of sports and sports betting. Betting virtual sports isn’t taking over betting on real-life sports just yet, but who knows what we could see in the future! Virtual sports don’t require athletes to train and participate on the day of the event. They don’t stop for the athletes to sleep or recover from injuries, so any virtual sport could technically be played round the clock even if the event relies on actual sportspeople.

Join us now as we take a look at a few of the virtual sports currently trending for 2022.

Virtual Speedway

Motor racing is one of the most exciting sports around, and the virtual sports version is no different. The races are pre-recorded using the latest HD technology. Over the last few years, we’ve had to deal with a decided lack of in-person sports events, which is when virtual speedways really took off. These virtual speedway (motorbikes, NASCAR style races, or even karting) events are professional, have a number of betting options depending on the site that you use, and results are displayed on screen just like with any real-life real-time race.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

Currently, many betting institutions offer virtual greyhound and virtual bullet greyhound racing. There are a lot of similarities between the two options: both options feature six “dogs” running at a time, wearing the usual vest colors, and following patterns that dogs would if they were racing in real life. Both races are run in just over three minutes, but the difference lies in the quality of the animations and graphics. The Bullet version of the sport, which is newer, tends to be slightly superior in this regard. Bet on these races online, in the same way that you would any other race.

Virtual Cycling

Like many forms of virtual sports, virtual cycling is mostly computer-generated images or cyclists doing their thing on a particular track or in a velodrome. The graphics for most of the options out there have gotten so good that it’s challenging, at times, to tell whether they are created images or actual cyclists on the screen! The virtual version of the sport follows the same guidelines as the real-life one does. There will be certain odds on the different riders before the race begins, so do your homework before placing a bet. This valuable sport only adds to the excitement of the world of virtual sporting events.

Virtual Cricket

While many old-school cricket fans might have found it a little bit odd, at first, virtual cricket has become one of the biggest virtual sports betting markets in the world. Virtual fielders, batsmen, and bowlers take to the “field” in the same format as they would do if the match were held in real life at a well-known field. The buzz you feel when watching a game of virtual cricket is very similar to the one you get watching a real-life game, and this has surprised many fans! Check the odds and bet on your favorite team to win!

Virtual Darts

Now we come to the real dark horse surprise of our list: virtual darts! Many darts fans around the world were heartbroken when they could no longer head down to the pub to play a few games or watch a local tournament. Virtual darts stepped up to fill the void left by gathering restrictions, and now it’s found a permanent place in the hearts of darts betting fans across the world. The world of virtual darts is identical to the live-action one: the match is played (in some cases by real professionals) in front of a simulated backdrop featuring an excited crowd. The format is split-screen, and many virtual darts tournaments have the voices of well-known scorers like Russ Bray on their side, adding a little more prestige to the event.

Wrap Up

While human sportspeople don’t need to fear for their jobs, virtual sports is an exciting and innovative addition to the world of sports betting. Did we mention your favorite sport? Will you be trying virtual sports soon? We hope so!

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