Top 5 Greatest Moments in IPL History

IPL is quite an exciting league. The teams participating in it are pretty competitive and have some of the biggest hitters in their batting order. Any team with a great batter has a considerable advantage when some of its players can hit numerous sixes at will.

IPL has had some rather amazing moments during its long stint, which began in 2008. These fantastic moments are what renew both the players’ and the fans’ faith in the league’s ability to deliver an unpredictably action-packed season when it starts.

Batting sixes are definitely at the top of the list. These are definitely what the crowds wait for — an opportunity for the batsman to hit the ball so hard that it flies out of the park. It’s nothing short of exhilarating, and it usually has them nearly out of their seats.

The title for most sixes falls on one Chris Gayle. Even if you’re not a fan of the league, you’ve certainly heard his name come up once or twice. This flamboyant Jamaican has hit 351 sixes in just 132 matches! But how does he do it?

During an interview with Betway about batting sixes in the IPL, Kevin Pietersen said that batting sixes is more of personal confidence and the right tool. If the player has any intention of beating sixes, he must grasp the ball first. Having the intention of hitting a six is arguably the most important aspect of hitting sixes.

It takes plenty of practice for long hours just to master the perfect swing, and the batsman’s mental strength matter more than the weight of the bat. Many people think it’s the bigger bats are better, but that’s not correct.

Anyway, apart from batting sixes, the IPL has seen some very exciting and unexpected events that will go down in its book of greatest unforgettable moments.

  1. The Clash of The Titans

One of IPL’s noteworthy matches was between the Deccan Chargers and the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in IPL 5, held in 2012. This was hands down one of the most intense moments in IPL when AB de Villiers — Mr.360 and Dale Steyn, who’s among the fiercest bowlers globally, went head-to-head in a furious contest.

RBC needed 181 to win against the Decan Chargers, and on that day, Dale Steyn constantly bowled over 90mph. However, AB de Villiers hit 47 just off 17 deliveries putting the RBC over the line. What’s great about this match is how the two went neck to neck just to secure the winning title for their teams.

  1. Fans of Chennai Super Kings Fans travel to Pune.

After two years out of the IPL, the Chennai Super Kings finally got back in 2018, and their fans were filled with emotions. CSK fans were excited to watch their team resume playing at the Chepauk Stadium.

When the remaining matches of IPL were moved to Pune, they didn’t stop showering their love for Chennai Super Kings. All the supporters and fans travelled from Chennai to Pune to back their team. It’s no surprise that CSK won the 2018 title against Sunrisers Hyderabad

  1. Shane Watson Bats on Despite Hurt Knee

This historic moment in IPL history definitely speaks of commitment. According to team-mate Harbhajan Singh, during the 2019 IPL final play between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, Watson played on despite his knee being bloody.

Mumbai Indians has 80 run innings with 59 balls and won the match. Despite that, however, Watson had a number of innings and will be remembered for this brave play. After the game, he got six stitches on his injured knee from a dive he made during the game.

  1. 5 Wickets For 5 Runs by Kumble

The legendary spinner of Indian descent, Anil Kumble, lets the statistics speak for him. In a match with the Rajasthan Royals, he nearly single-handedly destroyed them. He took the wickets in a hardy batting track in Cape Town to help his team; the Royal Challengers Bangalore get an easy win.

  1. The Gayle-Storm of 2012

In another match that took place on the 23rd of April in 2012 between the Pune Warriors and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, fans witnessed two storms that day. First, a rainstorm cut the game for 33 whole minutes, after which the second took place — Christopher Henry Gayle.

He unleashed fury upon his opponents, and at the same time, broke a handful of records. Among these includes the highest score ever in a T20 match and the fasted century. He hit 175 runs while remaining not-out in 66 balls. He also sent the ball flying outside the boundary line with an impressive 17 sixes — the highest of any batsman in T20 innings.

Talk about saving the best for last.

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