Ticks flood woman’s house after her Terrier got them from a walk

A 37 years old woman found out a tick digging through her leg during the past weekend. She reportedly experienced this after she returned from a walk with her dog Justin. Within only a few days, the woman witnessed the parasite flooding her dog’s body as well as her home.

Kimberley Whitehead, who is currently working as an Electricity North West manager, had to move out her daughter from her house for some days as a precaution as these parasites are known to cause Lyme disease, which is an acute neurological condition. The woman is now urging the other people taking walks in that region to be watchful for ticks.

Whitehead said in a statement, “It’s been quite a traumatic week for both our family and our dog, Justin. After discovering a tick burrowing into my leg at the weekend we checked the dog to find nothing. Within just days the dog and the house where riddled with them. We’ve had to get pest control in and today Justin had 85 removed from him under sedation at the vets.”

Further, the woman added, “It is quite frightening just how quickly this escalated. We are now both being treated for Lyme Disease, a frightening thought, but I am warning other pet owners to check your pet for ticks. The unusual warm weather seems to have brought them out in force.”

Whitehead, who usually took her dog out for walks to the Laund woods as well as the abandoned railway lines at Baxenden in Accrington, urged the other walkers to be attentive and get themselves and their pets brushed down prior to entering their homes.

After this incident, Kimberley Whitehead has gained herself full knowledge regarding the dangerous pests and also has warned the other people of the region to use remedies for fleas as well as ticks. Whitehead said, “This week has been an education but wish I knew more about it beforehand so please take the time to know the facts on how to remove them and what to look for. More importantly don’t just use treatment for fleas but ticks too.”

Whitehead along with her Terrier is now getting treated from Lyme disease.

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