Things to keep in mind while selecting Video Interview Platforms

Forget all those traditional ways of hiring people in an organization, the competitive edge is now forcing companies to adopt new and better means of recruiting and hiring people. One of the emerging means of recruitment is video Interviewing.  The leading organizations are now actively using video interviewing as their process of hiring. The video interviewing has excelled various other means by offering benefits like less time consuming, quality hiring and less costly, etc. So to stay in a competitive position, almost all the companies are now going for video interviewing.

Now the question is what video interviewing is? It is a kind of job interview in which video technology is used as a primary means of communication. This kind of interview is used for higher posts. There are 3 major formats for this interview-

  1. Recorded interviews
  2. Live interviews
  3. Video resumes

Well, all the interviews search for better skills of the candidates but in this kind of interview, especially communications skills and body language are considered critical and noted thoroughly.

When we talk about the benefits of this mean of the interview, then following are the advantages it serves-

  1. It is a modernized means of interviewing.
  2. It helps in reducing hiring costs.
  3. It reduces the time of hiring.
  4. The candidate located anywhere in the world can appear for interviews etc.

Many video interview platforms assist companies in conducting Video interviews. To know more about these platforms and how do they work, the following 10 points are discussed. These points also guide you about what to consider while selecting the best video interview platform.

  1. Intuitive – For a platform to be used and adopted by the companies, it is important to be intuitive. The managers always look for that software which is easy to operate or in other words which makes their job easy. If the platform is not easy to adopt, the managers will feel uneasy to adopt it. The training process also becomes an impractical thing. So the software should provide an intuitive experience to the user so that he accepts it and make the best experience out of it.
  2. Feature-rich Platform- The video interviewing is quite an attractive offering in itself but there come to a lot of features that improve efficiency and increase the productivity of the interview. Some of the features like taking notes, recording videos, scoring, collaborations, etc. increase the utility of video technology. Mobile phones are of great use when it comes to video interviewing because of its built-in high-quality camera. So, the features are equally important one should look into the platform.
  3. New features update policy- Many software come as software as a service application which means that the new features will get automatically downloaded without any need to install the updated version of the software. So,it is important to ask your video interviewing platform whether they will provide features update, or you have to pay extra to have the benefits of new features.
  4. Strong and branded platform- the next important thing to look for is branded platform. Having a strong brand can help the employer in decreasing the cost per hire and stimulate the number of applicants as compared to other companies. So, companies who opt for a branded platform helps in forming the employer’s brand and help them gain the above benefits.
  5. Trusted and reliable platform- The Software as a service model serves the video interview platforms. It is a subscription model and the company providing the platform is responsible for hosting and arranging backups. So, it is quite important to check for uptime of the platform. It will help in knowing the stability of the platform. Thus, making it trustworthy and reliable.
  6. Client list- the client list of the video interview platform speaks a lot about it. The stronger the list is, the more reliable it becomes. The brand of these platforms gets uplifted with the huge number of its client list. This extensive client list can provide more assurance to the companies who wish to use it.
  7. Integration with other Hr systems- when video interview platforms are integrated with other HR systems, then it provides many benefits as it helps in saving time which could have spent more if these interviews are not coordinated with applicant tracking system’s data. So while going for any platform, one must check if they provide integration relationships. Your software must communicate its data with each other. So before proceeding for any platform, one must consider this option and the cost associated with it.
  8. Positive candidate experience- It is quite important to ensure that the platform you are using must provide a positive candidate experience. It must be kept in mind that the users are not facing any issue during or after the completion of the video interview. It may include the quality of the interview, the features during and after the video, server assisting the user to handle the issues, etc. so before proceeding with the platform just make sure that the vendor is providing 24/7 service to its users and it is also available in the native language of the candidate.
  9. Pre-screening solutions- there are various requirements of the users concerning interviews. Once they get a pre-recorded interview option, they also require a live interview option. The language should also provide a language assessment tool that will help in checking the language competency of the candidate. So, the platform must have integrated pre-screening solutions.

These are the points that must be checked before proceeding for video interview platforms. Video Interview platforms have gained huge popularity after its introduction in 2010.  More and more companies want to use it to stay and grow in the competitive world. So, this article would be quite useful for the companies who wish to go for such platforms as it can help them in finding the best one.

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