The world would view the Strawberry Moon 2018 in just sometime

The world has already taken a glance at the two supermoons of this year in the month of January. We again get a chance this month to view the Full June Moon that has been named as the Full Strawberry Moon by the Native Americans. The reason behind this strange naming is that during this time of the year, the fruit, Strawberry starts ripening and the harvesting time approaches. This full moon of the late June sky also has other names such as Honey Moon, Hot Moon, and Rose Moon.

This Full Strawberry Moon would be reportedly overnight on Wednesday 27th June and Thursday 28th June.  The Full Moon could be best seen in the sky at 12:53 a.m. EDT (0453 GMT) late on Wednesday or at any time in the wee hours of Thursday. So the stargazers would have a lot of time for enjoying the amazing lunar sight provided the weather is favorable.

According to the reports, the Strawberry Moon would be seen in its fullest size on Thursday 28th June. This comes just one week post of the Summer Solstice during which the world experienced the largest proportion of daylight in comparison to what is experienced all through the year.

Just prior to the time when the Strawberry Moon would achieve its peak, the sixth planet, Saturn would be just at the opposite of the Sun. At that time the Saturn could be seen effectively from the Earth, rising during the sunset and setting at the time of sunrise on the morning of Wednesday 27th June. According to the statement of the United States space agency NASA, this would be the time during which the Saturn would be at the closest proximity with the brightest shine for the entire year. The stargazers could easily view the Saturn’s rings as well as the large moon of the planet, Titan, with the help of a good binocular or telescope.

According to the forecasts, the weather conditions at Charlotte may not favor a proper moon gazing on 27th and 28th June.  As per the reports from the National Weather Service, there is around thirty percent chance of thunderstorms and drizzles on Wednesday night. However, conditions would be better on Thursday night.

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