The technology behind live streaming games

Live streaming games keep leveraging the fun-demanding nature in most players to ensure that all players get the best experience. It allows players to connect with other players in real-time, while providing a closer gaming experience.

Ever wondered how live streaming actually works? Check out the technology behind various live streams in this article.

Video game streaming

Video game streaming is an activity whereby professional players play video games at a specified venue, and they are videoed and streamed online live. Video game streaming was popularized by the need to have people viewing professional players in action. As these professional players play the game, a video is made of them, which is streamed live on several platforms, such as Players are professionally referred to as Streamers, and each of their games can be streamed during and after play.

Video game streaming has gained popularity in the last century and has become a huge part of social games. Some sites that offer live streaming services for video games include Twitch, Trovo Line, Facebook, YouTube, Mixer, Azubu, Hitbox, Bilibili, among others.

Live casino streaming

Live casino is the presence of an actual casino dealer in a casino game, where he deals cards, spins reels, and rolls dice. Live casino provides immersive gameplay that ushers players into a replica of real-life casinos, with everything playing out before everyone. This means that while at a live casino, players see other players, their hands, and adjust their gameplay at the casinos. Also, at live casinos, players get to monitor their competitors’ play pattern and style to properly adjust their game accordingly.

A renowned technology, live casino streaming is not offered by all casinos, as the procedure behind it can be quite tasking. When you stream live dealer games, you find out that the dealers speak a variety of languages in the live casino. For instance, you can get languages such as Hindi, English, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, etc. in live casinos. With this in mind, you would fit into a typical live casino, with such vast language options.

Poker live streaming

Poker live streaming involves getting a grip of poker games as they are being played in poker rooms. Poker seems similar to live casino but is actually different from it upon close examination. For instance, in poker, players are actually in the casino or poker room, and viewers watch it live. In poker rooms, players get to have direct contact with other players and can interact with, as well as the dealer.

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