The Online Games Genres That Are Growing in Popularity

The online games sector is growing year on year and there are now an incredible number of games that are produced regularly across all genres. There are also specific games that have simply continued to grow in popularity over a lengthy period. This article details the online games and genres that have grown in popularity and have to a large extent come to define the online games sector.

Competitive E-Sports

The rise of competitive e-sports has been dramatic in the last few years. Both the players as well as the viewer numbers have increased tremendously. There are now those who regularly and committedly watch online gaming leagues and even watch professional players train and practice as they play games for fun. There are also now massive tournament-like events for games such as League of legends and the FIFA e-World Cup is expected to start attracting as many viewers as the actual physical football world cup tournament. Social media channels have been set up around the e-sport phenomenon and Twitch and YouTube are but the top 2 of such an explosion across the internet of e-sport.

Online Casinos

The online casino trend had been in a growth phase over the last decade or so, and then the pandemic saw this trend to play online casino games go to the next level. This genre is perhaps not yet as mainstream as the others discussed herein, but it is definitely on the rise and expected to become one of the biggest hobbies across the globe. One of the main reasons postulated for this has been the mix of competition, and the biggest variety of realistic casino games that can be found.

Word Games

Word puzzles and games have become incredibly popular, and more people now play these on their smart mobile devices than did the original Snake and Pac-Man combined. The argument is that we are all looking for a distraction, and yet a distraction that also has to be able to grab and hold the attention away from all the other possibilities in the interconnected world that we now live in. Word games provide for this and hence the recent popularity of Wordle.

Virtual Sport

From the Grand National racing to Formula 1 driving, it is now possible to watch virtual AI-generated races. For F1, it was even possible to race against professional drivers as gamers took on actual professionals in these virtual races. The fun and excitement of the races are still a major component of virtual sport and as such, watching is exhilarating and it has been easy to grow the spectator base.

If you’re ever going to enjoy the online gaming sector to the maximum and be able to do so without trawling through the entire internet, you will need the type of insider knowledge as presented herein. Knowing what’s trending and growing in popularity will make it easy for you to choose your entertainment and provide a starting point for this search.

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