Telegram v5.5 adds ‘unsend message’, message forwarding; Adds Emojis, Stickers, GIFs & more

Telegram v5.5 adds 'unsend message', message forwarding; Adds Emojis, Stickers, GIFs & more

Telegram is about to get an update with tonnes of feature including a “nuclear delete” feature and more. Telegram is a popular social networking app that recently took millions of new sign-ups after Facebook and its family of apps went down due to a service disruption issue. Telegram has extended its support towards providing its users with features to control what others see and know about them and that is what reflects in a v5.5 update on smartphones and v1.6.2 on the desktop version.

Talking about the new feature, the first one is its new nuclear delete feature that allows users to delete messages from their inbox and other’s inboxes at any time. Yes, you heard it right, Telegram hasn’t put a limited duration such as 10 minutes on Facebook only within which, the messages can be deleted or not.

Further, the feature will allow users to delete sent messages as well as received ones from inboxes of both the parties effectively although it is limited to private chats and doesn’t include group chats, etc. To delete a message in-question, simply select the message and you’ll get a pop-up prompting users whether to delete the message only for themselves or from the recipients too.

Further, Telegram has added a bunch of GIs, stickers, and Emojis available in a jiffy using the new search option. Next, Telegram added a message forwarding feature that allows users to quote a message sent from one channel to copy and paste it on another channel that doesn’t trace back to the sender’s profile. This makes it easier for the sender to stay neutral. Next up, we have a new search option within settings that enables the users to quickly search for required options such as ‘cache files’ to get the said option for further proceedings that the user might be interested in doing.

Speaking about the nuclear message deleting feature, TechCrunch points out towards plausible cases where users can use the obscured chat history to manipulate others and more. It points out how a sender could use this feature to flash obscene images or criminals can use the platform to traffic or sell drugs without leaving a trace since the private chats are end-to-end encrypted and since Telegram says it purges all the messages from its servers that are deleted, there might not be a way to recover those messages.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, offers a similar unsend feature, however, the users can delete those messages that they have sent and in a limited window while leaving a blank message that the sender has deleted the content of a message. Instagram has a similar feature but purges deleted sent messages while Facebook runs the same feature as well.

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