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Takashi ninja warrior APK having interesting and awesome features

Takashi ninja warrior

Hey guys, we have brought one of the most awaited APK of the game Takashi ninja Warrior. This is an action-plus adventure game, which goes upon a storyline with amazing 3D graphics. This intensifying game is superb and gives you a feel of the medieval times in Japan. The game comes with various interesting features, unlimited gold, and a good mood. If you are unaware of the game, let’s take a look at the details and specifications before downloading the link.


This is a hack and slashes game, which takes you back into the historic lands of Japan popularly known as Tochi. The game is all about ninja and samurai, who used to fight against all the evils to save the human race. In this game, Takashi is the son of a ninja who has a powerful weapon in form of a sword. Well, it is not a unique sward. This can take away all the power of corruption, making Takashi Very powerful. All his work is to overcome all the obstacles and fight for the truth, till his last breath. It is an adventurous game, with stunning 3D graphics. The game uses RPG Technology for better gameplay.

There are plenty of puzzles, challenges, obstacles that you need to cross through, to reach victory. The only goal of Takashi is to remove corruption from the land of Tochi. In case you are thinking that this is a very small territory, no. It is a huge territory, which takes you lots of time to eliminate corruption so that you can unlock the other land. Whenever you reach near your enemy, you can hit him with a sword by making flashes and touching on the arrows.

The game also allows you to attack through various combos, which you can experience only after downloading the game. Moreover, the game is free from all technical errors and the functioning is extremely smooth. The mod APK version of the game Provides you with the God status, where even in case you are defeated, you would not be wasted. In the original game, in case you are wasted, you need to start from the beginning. There are plenty of other features of this game, which are breathtaking. You can also use different weapons to kill all the monsters, and even adjust this print and working of these weapons. Besides, you come across uncertain an enemy, which makes it difficult for you to play.

The game is very challenging; you require knowledge about basic gameplay and proper attention. Just to warn you, the enemies or not laymen. They are trained; they can change their movement, adopt new attacking skills, and even kill you. It becomes very necessary, to upgrade your weapons and buy new tools to protect yourself and destroy others. This can only be done when you have unlimited gold.

Details of Takashi ninja warrior mod APK

Name Takashi Ninja Warrior
Publisher Horizon Games
Category Action
Version 2.3.1
Size 115M
Requires Android 4.3
Cost Free

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Features of Takashi ninja warrior mod APK

This game comes up with various exciting features, which you can rely on. These features are incredibly awesome and can help you spend all your free time playing the game.

  1. The game has a storyline, which makes playing much more interesting and relatable. You can easily get to know the background, by which you can relate and carry forward the game.
  2. The gameplay is very simple to understand, although game movements are easy. Although, the gameplay slowly and steadily becomes difficult but also challenging.
  3. The game comes with a God status, which never lets you die. In the original version, in case you are defeated, we need to begin the game from the beginning. If you download the game from the given link, even if you are destroyed you may resume from the same point
  4. it is a sort of inventory gameplay, where the player needs to concentrate on various aspects of the game. You even need to kill enemies, check on your guidance, increase their strength, manage your skills, upgrade your progress and even focus on loot
  5. This version of the game provides you with unique weapons, which are not available in the original one. Moreover, with the help of these weapons you to easily destroy our enemies, without any difficult
  6. The game comes up with unlimited Gold, and hence you are not required to earn gold. With the help of this you can easily upgrade your performance, weapons, purchase new, and increase strength. This becomes one of the most prominent features of the game, which makes it desirable.
  7. The graphics of the game are astonishing, everything looks 3-D. This helps you create a concentration in the game and also enhances the gameplay.
  8. It is considered the only soul game on mobile where the area is divided into different sections. Enemies are waiting for you in the back end, you need to quickly move from one land to another, bypassing all the obstacles.
  9. All of this becomes confusing when you start playing the game. As said earlier, the game is very challenging, which motivates you to keep going on. In case you don’t believe us, why don’t you try playing the game by yourself.

How to install Takashi ninja warrior mod APK

Installation of a game is not at all, even if it might look difficult. All you need to do is carefully follow the step-by-step guide, and you have the game all by yourself. Just to make it clear, the game is 100% safe and free from all bugs and viruses. You need not worry about the technical malfunctioning of the game.

  1. First of all, if you have any prior version of the game make sure that you uninstall it immediately.
  2. Keep a check on the space of your device. There should be enough storage to download and process the game.
  3. Allow download from unknown sources by going into settings and then privacy. This will help you download links and files from unknown sources.
  4. With the help of the given link, download the file and process it
  5. Install the game on your device, and you shall see it floating on your screen.
  6. The game is all yours, it’s time for you to play the game and experience all the features by yourself.


Here we part ways; we hope that it was easy for you to download the game. You would not find any other alternative to this game. It is a full bag of excitement where you get all these interesting features along with the unlimited gold feature and the God mode. It all creates a win-win situation when you have strong graphics, amazing gameplay, an attractive storyline, engaging features, attractive weapons, and the upgrading feature. The game has proven to be one of the best of its kind, which takes you back to medieval Japan.

You can buy portions for your amazing character, get the new costumes, and help them buy new weapons, just to gain victory. As you have unlimited coins, you need not worry about earning them. Finally, the mesmerizing gaming experience is what you can look upon, with amazing sound quality and 3D graphics. The game is very interesting; you can spend all your evening playing it. Well, we guess now you should go and get the game as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Is Takashi ninja warrior mod APK free of cost?

Yes, the game is totally free of cost. You are not required to pay any amount. All you need to do is download the game from the given link, without any hassle.

What is the size of Takashi ninja warrior mod APK?

The size of the game is 115MB, make sure whenever you download the game your device has enough storage, to store the game.

Is it safe to play the game?

Yes, The game is safe and you need not worry about malware or any viruses attacking your device. It provides you with very smooth gameplay, without any technical difficulty.

What makes it different from the original game?

Two main elements make this game different from the original version. The first being, the God mode which does not let you begin your game from the beginning. Secondly, it provides you with unlimited gold.

What can be done with unlimited gold in the game?

With the help of unlimited gold, you can go to the store and buy new clothes for your character, purchase new weapons, buy new portions, and a lot more things.


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