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Survivors of the pandemic mention the symptoms of the disease COVID-19.

The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic led to worldwide lockdowns, and everyone is in a panic mode full of fear due to this COVID-19 infectious disease. Sadly, this virus has taken the lives of over 10,000 people globally.

People are confused about the symptoms, as this virus has numerous. However, our government and doctors are taking measures and maneuvers to overcome this disease. Here are the details of the symptoms provided by our brave Survivors of this deadly infection COVID-19.

Ear pressure

Connor Reed, who is a resident of Wuhan city in China, was affected by this virus in the month of November 2019. Reed is also one of the first people to come in contact with this infectious disease. He explained that his ears became clogged due to this virus. The Eustachian tube, which lies between the inner and middle ear, gets obstructed and can cause you to feel the pressure in your ears. It is highly recommended not to use any earbud to relax as it may do more harm.


Headache is another symptom of this of COVID-19. However, this is pretty much of a common symptom; it can be caused by flu, cold, and dehydration as well. There was nothing to worry about, but when Kevin Harris came in contact with this virus, he was admitted, a hospital in Ohio, and stated that he had a headache to the extreme level. It was not like the common headache. It has also been recommended by the survivors of coronavirus pandemic to take Paracetamol instead of Ibuprofen(medicine) whenever required.

Burning eyes

People who were affected by COVID-19 also experienced a burning sensation in the eyes that mimic the irritation and itchiness which one has to face during other allergies as well.

Painful sinuses

Painful sinuses are another symptom of lethal Coronavirus. It was experienced by the survivors of the pandemic. However, it is quite common with the flu and the cold. 

Body aches

Elizabeth Schneider, a resident of Seattle and a victim of COVID-19, said that the symptoms she experienced were high fever, headaches, body, and joint pain. However, body ache can also be caused by simple fever, but people with Coronavirus experienced severe pain.

Fatigue and lack of appetite

Fatigue is a common flu symptom. It is recommended that during such times it is best to rest, take good care of yourself, and be cautious. The first Thai citizen to come in contact with this virus is Jaimuay Sae-Ung, and she said that when she was having Coronavirus, she was felt very lethargic, fatigued, and never felt like eating.

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