Super Mario Bros unofficially kicks in with the popular 'battle royale' genre

Super Mario Bros unofficially kicks in with the popular ‘battle royale’ genre

Do you like battle royale games? The games wherein multiple players compete against each other completing the match and the last standing wins it. Well, it seems like Super Mario Bros has actually used the same concept for a new game called Mario Royale.

To put things into context, Mario Royale allows you to compete against 74 other players across the globe which are identical to you. The game starts at stage 1-1 or 2-1 where the users compete against other players. The one who is taken aback or loses the game retreats to the lobby and wait to join another game while those who make it to the top three of the last player standing wins the game when they reach the end of Bowser’s Castle.

However, a report published on TechRadar also states that this game isn’t officially from Nintendo but a YouTuber-turned-developer actually developed this Mario Royale game based on the latest genre that has become widely popular thanks to the games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends among others.

Although the game isn’t official which is a precursor on how Nintendo could react to it and could potentially put a copyright on the game, the report suggests otherwise that this game is a proof-of-concept when it comes to this new genre i.e. battle royale which is something Nintendo hasn’t tried with Super Mario Bros ever.

This will surely allow the game to stay afloat for a few days or else, InfernoPlus, the developer, will have to face Doug Brose, Nintendo of America President, and the legal team in case of the copyright claims acquired on Mario Royale.

Nintendo will unveil Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch later next week which means this unofficial game could offer a lot of ideas to experiment with the upcoming games under the big banner like Super Mario Bros which has been active for a few decades now.

The first video game starring the plumber Mario was Donkey Kong in 1981 followed by a number of other games released for different consoles and systems for several years. In 1983, Nintendo launched Mario’s Cement Factory which was an action game followed by Mario Bros the same year for a number of different systems.

This year marks the entrance of at least four games in the Mario series including Super Mario Maker 2 to release next week, Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which is upcoming as well.

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