Start accepting more Facebook friend requests to live longer, Here’s how?

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Here comes an interesting fact which could reveal how long you can live by analysing your social networking activities. In a new study, scientists stated that people who most likely accepts friend requests on Facebook have a longer life.

In a report, the New York Daily said that if you accepts all the Facebook friend requests then  you’re probably expected to live longer. While, the scientists who studied the facebook activities for more than a decade as part of the research, suggest that people who have strong social media networks and receive multiple friend requests are less likely to die. But there is no relationship for those who initiate more friendships, the authors wrote.

The study led by professor Williams Hobb from the Northeastern University and professor James Fowler, from the University of California, San Diego, found an interlink between people’s health and their social media accounts, whether in person or online. The study revealed that people become friends in person with only moderate interaction on the social media giant Facebook.

For the study, researchers observed data of over 12 million Facebook users over a time span of six months. All the participants were born between 1945 and 1989. Study authors also collected data from the California Department of Public Health from 2012 to 2013 in order verify whether Facebook use affects life or not.

After analyzing the data, it was found that accepting friend requests on social media and making more friends does not have any impact of how longer one lives. Also, you would think that the association would go both ways, Hobb said in the newsletter. That was a disappointing finding because it suggests that telling people to go out and make more friends might not improve their health.

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