Sri Lanka releases five Indian fishermen inflicted for death sentence

Narendra Modi and Mahendra Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka relinquished five Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu, who were inflicted the death sentence as punishment after being involved in smuggling drugs into the country. The five fishermen has been handed to Indian officials in Colombo on Wednesday. India asserts that they are Innocent. Their sentence has been changed by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka’s Colombo High Court gave death sentence on charges of exporting illegally 995 grams of heroin to five Indian Fishermen from Tamil Nadu – P. Emerson, P. Augustus, R. Wilson, K. Prasath, and J. Lanklet. They were caught and sent to prison by the Sri Lankan Navy for heroin trafficking in 2011.

The appeal registered against the Colombo High Court judgment was ceased from concern by an Appellate Court Bench including Justices Vijith K. Malalgoda (President) and A.H.M.d Nawaz, after the guidance seeming for the five fishermen said that they have made up one’s mind to draw back it. On November 11, the Indian government also issued a challenge of their belief in Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court. According to reports last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited President Rajapaksa, and the two Sri Lankan leaders corresponded that smugglers arrested by Sri Lanka would be shifted to an Indian prison.

The case of fishermen is a very sensitive topic for both the countries, where Tamil Nadu parties involving AIADMK and DMK have been continuously putting pressure on the government to discuss the matter with the Sri Lanka authorities seriously and have been often allowed unwillingly high-profile visits from the island nations.

Sri Lanka looking into ways to release the Indian fishermen has pointed to the Indian authorities that the President of Sri Lanka can forgive the fishermen but they did this happen as Indian have to draw back the appeal registered in against the High Court verdict.

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