Space X secret satellite Zuma’s mission status: Unknown

SpaceX recently launched its Falcon 9 rocket on a Sunday, atop which was the satellite named Zuma. The peculiar thing about this satellite was its mission which is said to be unknown and hasn’t been disclosed by the authorities. As per reports, the satellite might have incurred a failure during its climb towards space resulting in the end of the mission. Numerous sources point out to the fact that this mission was designed in orders via the government of the U.S. The Pentatonix has denied from providing any details regarding the same and the same response has been received from SpaceX.

The SpaceX rocket launched at Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida at night time. The space agency had planned the launch for November in 2017. However, the same got postponed as SpaceX needed to peek through the problems that might hamper the mission and especially the part which protected the potential payload being carried in the rocket. It is yet unknown as to why the rocket needed such special attention and protection. The only answer received regarding the satellite was from Northup Grumman who is the maker of the satellite to be carried with the rocket. The maker commented that the payload was meant for the government which would be carried to the lower orbit of the blue planet.

Post launch of the satellite, the mission started garnering rumors regarding a suspected failure of the same. To this Grumman explained, “The Zuma is quoted as a classified operation and the details of any classified project cannot be given out. We cannot post a commentary regarding the mission but the data received as of now indicate the rocket performed as it is supposed to.”

The statement provided by the authorities indicated that the failure rumor did not revolve around the rocket Falcon 9. To contradict this statement, the wall street journal and Reuters quoted that the secret mission is suspected to have dived back into the Earth’s atmosphere instead of staying in the lower orbit of Earth’s atmosphere. The mission failed as the payload could not separate during the 2nd half of the mission which caused the same to fall into the deep sea.

However, these reports were negated by the U.S. based catalog for the orbital payloads. The catalog listed the Zuma mission as USA 280. To top it, enthusiastic trackers of satellites deem it possible that the rocket completed its 2nd stage in a proper fashion which indicated a usual flight maneuver.

Prior to this secret mission, SpaceX has also been involved in the launch of many security-based payloads that includes a surveillance satellite designed for the office of National Reconnaissance. Furthermore, the space agency was also involved in the launch of X-37B which is a space plane designed for the U.S. based air force.

The live webcast of the rocket launch by SpaceX did not continue to cover the Zuma post separation during the first stage. However, SpaceX confirmed that the satellite fared well during the 2nd stage separation as made it to the low orbit of Earth.

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO has been planning to obtain a perfect technique to enable the reusability of rockets similar to airplanes which will significantly bring down the overall cost required for space-based missions. As of now, the status of the secret Zuma mission is still unknown.

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