Solar and wind energy sectors to have 4.5 million new job openings

A new study concerning the energy sector of India pointed out that the renewable energy department of the country would be creating new opportunities for jobs. This will involve increased opportunities in the segment of wind and solar power generation that will range in between two million to 4.5 million. This course of action will take place over the upcoming twenty-five years.

A report received from the International Labor Organization (ILO) said that these huge job opportunities are the outcome of the prolonged fight going on against change in the climate. The UN labor agency stated that as huge as twenty-four million openings of new posts would come up worldwide by the year 2030. The agency added that for this to take place, “the right policies to promote a greener economy” should also be in alignment. The agency said this program will also see to enhanced worker safety.

The ILO report portrayed both the pros and cons of the upcoming program. While the employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector would hike, the jobs would open if only the country has the capability for the implementation of vocational training sessions and increase in the scope of solar module development.

In accordance with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), near about 164,400 job openings had been created in the sector of solar energy by the closing of the year 2016-17. The solar heating sector reportedly had around 17,000 job openings with the wind energy sector coming up with near about 61,000 job openings.

The research showed that as the generation of renewable energy increases, unemployment, fiscal deficit, and net energy import decreases and the GDP of the nation increases. The research further explained, “Econometric analysis of realistic renewable energy deployment out to 2042 shows that India could add between 2 million and 4.5 million jobs in wind and solar.”

The reports said that in order to reach the aim of one hundred seventy-five GW “green energy capacity” by the end of the year 2022, India has to have an excellent focus on the policies of macroeconomics and better renewable energy. The Director of CPI India, Gireesh Shrimali, said in a statement, “Unfortunately, while it is likely that the sector will continue to grow, there are a range of barriers to it reaching the full potential.” Shrimali added, “Our work shows that meeting India’s renewable energy targets is clearly associated with positive impacts for its economy.”

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