Solar Inverters: All you wanted to know

Solar panel systems can be used for a huge variety of applications encompassing remote power systems for cottages, telecommunications equipment, that of distant sensing, and even for the formation of electricity by residential as well as commercial solar electric systems.

You can easily invest in a good solar system for your house or place as per your needs. The point is with this, you can be sure that you reduce your electricity bills and also save the environment.

What is type of solar inverter?

These days, many people are using solar type of inverters too for the perfect usage. Not only these inverters play a crucial role in producing eco-friendly energy perfect for the utmost of electrical appliances, but these also assist in monitoring the performance of your whole solar type of system and offer you analytic data required to discover and fix any technical issues.

Actually, a type of solar inverter is a device that actually converts the direct current electricity attained from your solar panels into that of a shape of electricity that can get used by appliances as well as other electronics at home.

Working of this inverter in brief

Talking about this inverter working, it simply acts by taking the mutable direct current from the solar panels and then simply altering it into irregular 120V or 240V or alternate current output. Most house appliances do work on alternate current but not really on the direct current.  It actually relies on the solar type of system you own at home.

Quick benefits

You enjoy enhanced energy efficiency with these inverters. Just like other components of a solar panel system, inverters make use of power to carry out work. In this instance, they convert direct current power from your solar panels into that of alternating current (AC) energy that you can use in your home. This process is much more efficient than making use of an AC generator. Compared to the traditional solar inverters this used to weight 100 kg, today’s inverters give much better performance and their weight is also up to 5 kg only. The inverter from Loom Solar is MPPT based which helps the user to track the maximum power point of the battery. If you use charge controller with the solar inverter then you can take the maximum use of you electricity generated by the solar panels.

Then you also ensure safety with this inverter. Though inverters are not really designed to act with every kind of PV panel, these do offer some additional safety features that might provide protection against harm from lightning strikes and different means of electrical surges as well as spikes. And there are many other perks too that you would experience once you invest in this inverter.

Types and costs

You can find three types of solar type of inverters available if you are a homeowner. These types are known as string (or central) inverters, that of power optimizers plus inverter, and even that of microinverters. Every single different type of solar type of inverter has its perks and you need to evaluate as per your needs.

Talking about the pricing of these solar kinds of inverter, there is a considerable cost difference between different solar types of inverters available. The cost can vary from Rs.7000 to Rs.150000 depending upon technical specifications such as running power, capacity, battery support, wave type, voltage power, etc.

Where to buy solar inverter?

Finally, when looking for a good quality and effective solar inverter, you must not miss a platform like Loom Solar. It is a start -up, a well-renowned manufacturer of solar panels as well as Lithium batteries. The platform an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company and acknowledged start up by Indian government.  You can easily find the perfect solar type of system and inverter with them for your home.


To sum up, since you know much about these solar systems and inverters and how they can transform your house and lifestyle; go for them.

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