Snapchat kicks off its first hardware – Spectacles

snapchat spectacles

No doubt, technology has come a long way to making the era more advanced and easygoing. All most every sector; starting from business to lifestyle and education to socialization, almost every segment has witnessed the aggressive growth and impact of technology, all around the world. Every day, the world is continued seeing new savvy devices with the top of the line developments and headways and this time is no different. A new smart eyewear hit the slope on Friday with a typified camera – called Spectacles.

After numerous high waves of buzz encompassing the new hardware of Snap, Inc called Spectacles, finally, the organization announced that it would introduce the gadget this fall, at an offering cost of $129. On Friday night, Snapchat declared that it would begin selling sunglasses empowered by cameras which it is titled as Spectacles. And the company has renamed its name from Snapchat to Snap Inc. on the same event.

The chief executive officer of Snapchat – Evan Spiegel in a blog post mentioned that no modifications are made in the instant messaging application, and it will remain Snapchat, and only the company name is customized. On Friday, Spiegel wrapped off the curtain from the exclusive sunglasses to a journalist of Wall Street Journal, who reported that the CEO literally enclosed the digital sunglasses with a towel before introducing, and it seems like a magical performance which usually held by an excited magician. “Spectacle” is the first hardware from Snap Inc. (Snapchat).

Exclusive features of Spectacles

The newly introduced Spectacles look like usual sunglasses. But interestingly, they have a camera, which makes it digitally enhanced. With this inbuilt camera, the sunglasses can record video footage up to 10 seconds long with a push of a key located on the upper left-hand corner of the glass edges. If you tap the switch twice, it’ll record footage for up to 30 seconds. A weak light is also included within and outside of the edges alerts the wearer which will enable anybody around them to recognize that the camera is recording, Snap authorities said while inaugurating this smart device on Friday night.

Apart from these features, the Spectacles also are outlined with WiFi and Bluetooth, with which one can transfer the Snapchat recollections to a close-by smartphone. On the other hand, Spectacles also can keep the recordings safe until you’re near a mobile.

Price details of Spectacles

All things considered, the concept of Spectacles is truly new and not so much surprised that, the cost will also be pretty high. The Spectacles in opening days will be available for $129.99. However, Snap Inc. has cleared that, the availability of these Spectacles will be limited, and the color variants will be three. Packed with the charging apparatus, and three shades, Snap Spectacles will be going live for auction by the end of this fall.

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