Smartphone app to protect your skin from the sun

A woman having sunburn in summer

Soon summer will be back again with scorching heat and with summer comes the fear of tanning or getting a sunburn. But don’t get afraid as some scientists claim that an app can protect your skin by giving real time advice.

The Solar Cell app gives real-time advice on sun-protection based Ultraviolet Index forecast and personal information from the user. The app alerts a user to take an umbrella or apply sun cream from time to time. The app was developed by Klien Buendel, funded by the National Cancer Institute.

The Solar Cell mobile app seemed to promote sun protection practices,” the authors noted.

To prove the authenticity of the app, scientists conducted a research which involved 202 volunteers out of which 96 participants were ordered to use the app.

Researchers noticed that the participants who used the Solar Cell app were more cautious and used wide-brimmed hats more than those participants who were not exposed to the app. Women who used app reported more use of sun cream, shade, protective clothes etc. than those who did not use the app. However, the app had very minute effect on men as the difference was not significant.

From the research, it is clear that the app always keeps you reminding about the remedies which further protects you from the problems caused by heat and sun in the summer. So don’t worry install the app and enjoy the summer without any fear.

The study was published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

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