Sex in the space? Is it possible? A guide on sex in the space

‘Sex in the space’, it is something which has intrigued a lot of people over the years ever since space travel became a feasible option at least for space agencies. Starting 1960s, agencies like NASA has been approached by many people and reporters across the globe in order to answer the basic question on is Sex possible in the space? Astronauts too haven’t been left untouched by these enthusiasts since it is a question which has remained unanswered for decades now. Earlier, talking about sex was considered a taboo but that thing has phased out since it is one of the natural human functions and a solely responsible for reproduction.

Astronauts and space agencies have been avoiding answering the questions on sex in the space and if there is an experiment conducted or scheduled to check its feasibility for years. But as the prospect of Mars colonization grow nearer with the only couple of years left before space travel companies like SpaceX could transport humans to the red planet, there is a need to understand the prospect of sex too. TV programs, science fiction movies, space documentaries, etc have already depicted on the screen but still, the question remains, is sex possible in the space?

In the 2000s, the International Space Station began its operation where both male and female astronauts conducted their experiments together. It has been a great source of speculations since reporters usually ask if these astronauts have already considered doing it in space or not. When NASA was asked the same question two decades ago, the US space agency smartly averted the question stating “It’s none of your business” since it was strange to talk about sex at that time. But now when NASA was asked again about sex in the space, the agency smartly answered that they have the jurisdiction on their astronauts on professional terms. It added that they have a personal life in space too and there is no problem even if they do (which is not possible for now), it seems to be no problem until it’s not interfering with their job performance.

Is sex in the space possible? According to Newton’s third law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The law states that when applied a force in one direction (which is the ‘push’ when it comes to sex), there will be an opposite reaction in opposite direction. It is a problem when it comes to sex since it won’t be possible to have intercourse when such a law is acting in weightlessness. Although there is a solution to the problem as stated by several researchers including Neil deGrasse Tyson. He stated that people could use straps to attach each other while having it. Another industrial-oriented solution is a ‘2-suit’ which is nothing both two suits connected to each other via zippers. This would allow both male and female to stay close to one another and not affected by weightlessness.

Another solution is the artificial gravity that can be created with the rotation of the spacecraft. Although there are certain factors involved in creating artificial gravity such as the number of rotation and radius of rotation, etc. Sex on the red planet would be fantastic as said in the reports since Mars has a 38% gravity than Earth which means, humans would weigh 38% of their actual weight on Earth which is better than being weightless since it could invite the Newton’s Third Law. Another possible solution is to produce a conch-shaped pod that would allow both the partners to stay close to one another.

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