Sarahah: What it is? How to use? Is it really anonymous?

Sarahah application

Sarahah is the latest internet trend, which took over the Facebook wall, WhatsApp Stories and Instagram stories’ space of almost every individual’s social handles recently.

This application is developed by ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. Sarahah means honesty in the Arabic language, and as the name depicts. Its functions relate to the name because in this app you can provide honest feedback without getting identified or you can text the concerned person anonymously. The latest craze among youth is to find out who is sending the messages, along with the trend few websites are claiming to decrypt the identity of senders; so is it true?


Sarahah is quite a rage among the youngsters, where a majority of them are making confessions or leaving hateful comments.

There are other apps (Whisper, Secret) also available with which you can send messages anonymously but these apps have been more social whereas Sarahah’s focus is messaging rather than social media. It depends on the users whether they want to make the posts public or not However it’s too soon to say that how will this app establish itself in social platforms.

Sarahah application is available on Android and iOS.

How does Sarahah work?

If you want to view the profile of other people and want to leave the messages, you don’t need to log in even if you log in your messages will stay anonymous by default. You can give a reply to the messages, delete them, flag them and make them favorite to find later quickly. “Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback,” this is the description of the app by the creators.

It is a social networking communication site which is surprisingly few months old yet trending on Google play store. According to the recent data (August 18, 2017), this app already has 10 million downloads, and 46,540 people reviewed it, where 18,207 people rated five-star. Meanwhile, 15,285 of them rated one star. So it’s a definite split in opinions. According to the BBC report, this app has already had a hit in regions such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and now it is taking over Indian social media as well.

This app is serving its purpose and developers also working on the privacy feature of application to enhance the user experience. It also has features like the ability to give access to only authorised users. Turning off one’s profile from search results and block/unblock sender also make the user’s account isolated from the annoying birds.

Can you decode the identity?

Although there are two websites and, which claim to reveal the mystery. However, there is no way to unravel the¬†identity of senders yet. If you do use those sites, you may end up with stolen user data and unwanted downloads. So it’s better to stay away from these websites until the developers make an official announcement.


Several socialists claimed that soft hearted people should not use this app because hateful messages can hurt the sentiments of users. Anonymity can lead to the negative direction which can affect the youth. As the advantage of sharing your thoughts, opinions, and comments for someone without being recognised can make way for cyberbullying.

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