Samsung sends out foldable display units to Apple for its 2020 iPhones

Samsung sends out foldable display units to Apple for its 2020 iPhones

Apple and Samsung are fierce rivals when it comes to competition however, it is also a known fact that Samsung’s display-making wing ‘Samsung Displays’ manufactures displays for Apple as well. In a feat to achieve revenue, Samsung has reportedly sent out units of its foldable displays to Apple and a few other smartphone manufacturers in a bid to get orders according to ETNews (South Korea).

Samsung manufacturers OLED panels for iPhones and it has been a supplier for years now. It is currently manufacturing display units for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as well. Although LG has joined the wagon in supplying OLED panels to Apple, it is nowhere expected to reach Samsung’s units supplied at least in the near future.

As per the report suggest, Samsung has sent out its units of 7.2-inch foldable panels which is 0.1” smaller than the one fitted on Samsung Galaxy Fold that was unveiled a few weeks ago at the Unpacked event on February 20. Samsung is currently projected to manufacture around 2.4 million foldable displays, however, it has expressed its willingness to ramp up the manufacturing to almost 10 million units a year based on the demand.

Samsung has been involved in developing its foldable displays for years now. We have seen a number of patents posted by Samsung so far and just recently, the South Korean giant showcased the first commercially available foldable phone aka Galaxy Fold to the public although at an extrinsic price tag of $1,980. Apple, on the other hand, has expressed embracing the foldable panels too, however, the latest foldable phone will not see the light of day until the onset of 2020 at the earliest.

Although Apple has filed its own patents for foldable displays, it is not yet clear if it aims to manufacture its own display or it will reach out to Samsung Displays for the same. However, the concern is Apple will have to scrutinize the way to lower the cost of a foldable phone which could mean sticking to wait for components and production cost to drop. Let’s wait for 2020 to arrive!

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