Samsung is reportedly working on behind-the-display front-facing camera

Samsung is reportedly working on behind-the-display front-facing camera

Last year, Apple introduced iPhone X with a fresh design and a perfectly calibrated notch that speedily took over all Android smartphone manufacturers as every now almost every new smartphone has a notch but not Samsung. The South Korean tech giant has stuck to its original roots with no notched display and has been introducing new flagship smartphones in Galaxy S-series and its iconic Note series. So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ are here but without a notch and Samsung will stick to it in further models. Now that all the limelight is on Samsung’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner which is touted is a few times more secure than optical in-display fingerprint scanner used today, a source on Twitter has suggested that Samsung could be working on a behind-the-display front-facing camera.

The screen real estate is crucial and since Samsung wants to steer away from pop-out camera modules, it has to place the front-cameras somewhere and facing it under the notch is a big NO for Samsung while it doesn’t want to implement the top bezel to house the camera as well since it eats up a fraction of the screen real estate which is something every smartphone manufacturers have been trying to maximize. Turns out, Samsung could be working on a behind-the-screen front-facing camera and apparently, there are few prototypes in the testing as well.

The new technology is still in its early infancy stage which means even if Samsung develops the right technology to implement a front-facing camera placed behind the screen, Samsung could roll out the tech sometime in 2020 which is the same year when Samsung will unveil the flagship Samsung Galaxy S11. But you know, it’s Samsung and the brand is known to roll out new technologies only after it is fully developed and if Samsung doesn’t deem it fully prepared or if it faces any issues with the quality in implementing it, we would have to wait till 2021 when Samsung will launch the next Samsung Galaxy S12.

For reference, Samsung has been working on in-display fingerprint scanner based on ultrasonic technology for years now but hasn’t rolled it out yet because it wants it to be perfect, unlike other brands who would risk their rep on new technologies not tested for bugs and errors.

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