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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is up to ship on May 16 but why isn’t it worth to invest $1,300?

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is up to ship on May 16 but why isn’t it worth to invest $1,300?

After waiting for weeks, Verizon has finally updated its listing on its official website where it has added Samsung Galaxy S10 5G up for grab on pre-order while the units will be delivered as early as May 16. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available on two internal storage variant i.e. 256GB and 512GB where the former is priced at a retail price of $1,300 or $54.16/mo in a 24-months plan while the larger 512GB variant will cost you $1,400 or $58.33/mo in a 24-months plan.

Starting at $1,300, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is mere $580 cheaper than the now not-so-good-in-shape Samsung Galaxy Fold. Another dig onto the fact is that while Galaxy S10+ commences at $1,000, it is 4G LTE enabled and if you are willing to spend around $300 more, you can get 5G signal on your phone but there are drastic limitations with a bottom line that it isn’t worth to buy it as of now.

PCMag conducted exhaustive in-depth research on Verizon 5G in Chicago where its 5G Ultra Wideband network is available in some areas along with some in Minneapolis at the moment. At the survey, they found out that unless you are living just near the 5G modem where the speedometer could clock internet speeds in gigabits per seconds, other regions suffer attenuation due to glass, walls, and simply if you are standing a street away from the 5G antenna.

The analysis further reveals how the 5G speed fluctuate based on the distance from the site where a 300 feet distance from the said site would push the download speeds to a quarter of 100Mbps while those near the site could observe a download speed upwards of 450Mbps.

But there’s more. Verizon is offering a credit of $650 on Galaxy S10 5G but there’s more to the story embedded in the fine print such as it includes trading in a flagship smartphone, buying a new Verizon membership as well as opting for an unlimited plan which will put a dent of at least $50/mo which is the lowest since Verizon excluded the Go unlimited plan.

Anyways, Verizon is currently operating its 5G Ultra Wideband network in some regions of Chicago and Minneapolis and it is expected to add 5G sites in 20 more cities around the United States by the end of 2019 which includes cities such as Dallas, Columbus, Cleveland, Charlotte, Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Little Rock, Des Moines, Houston, Detroit, Denver, Memphis, Phoenix, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Providence, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Washington D.C.

If you are willing to spend $300 more for a smartphone which is basically a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with a 5G modem, you are in for a treat but make sure you are living in the selected region to observe stunning and blazing fast download speeds.

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