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Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release beyond July, says report

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release beyond July, says report

If you follow tech news even a bit, you might know that Samsung teased its first-ever foldable phone back in November at the SDC 2018 as a prototype. Fast forward to February this year, the South Korean tech juggernaut made Galaxy Fold official and added that the device will be ready for pre-orders as early as April 24 which didn’t go through so well. Apparently, Samsung has delayed the pre-orders while canceling those who already placed their orders in a bid to fix the flaws.

According to the latest post from The Korea Herald, the outlet stated that the officials could be preparing for the release date by now if indeed the device was ready to launch in Jul, however, we aren’t yet clear about the release date until now.

In a week from now, we will officially surpass a two months passage from the date when Samsung quoted the pre-order release date for Samsung Galaxy Fold, however, it was only after several reviewers reviewed units with flaws that Samsung decided to keep the release date on a back burner while fixing the issue first.

According to Engadget, Samsung has already promised its investors that the tech giant will, of course, sell the phone with a release date that will be made official in a few days. Samsung Galaxy Fold was groped in a lot of controversies as the review units were found to have problems with the hinge that enables folding and unfolding of the foldable device while rendering halves of the display unusable in some instances. Furthermore, the issue of a protective layer placed on top of the display which appears as a screen protector is also under scrutiny as removing the film could possibly harm the 7.3-inch foldable display.

Last month, Yonhap News reported how Samsung is already working to fix the protective layer of the display by tucking it into the body rather than placing it on the top of the display while the gaps between the hinges are also being repaired for all units as well.

Foldable phones are a new thing in the smartphone category which means it is still expensive at $2,000 which is the cost of a single unit of Samsung Galaxy Fold while a cheaper Huawei Mate X is available at $1.500 which too has been delayed due to several complications. Mate X has been pushed to a release date sometime in September this year while we could hear about Galaxy Fold as early as July or August if not this month.

Another tech which is also booming is the 5G network and a number of smartphones have already popped up in the market including a 5G variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 and others. However, the 5G network is still comparatively new and expensive and would take some time to penetrate similar to the 4G and LTE networks.

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