Samsung & Apple fined for antitrust violation in Italy

Samsung & Apple fined for antitrust violation in Italy

Cupertino-based Apple and Seoul-based Samsung have been fined a staggering fine of €10m and €5m respectively by an Italian authority after a lawsuit against ‘planned obsolescence’ practiced by two of the largest smartphone manufacturers. Back in January this year, the Autorita’ Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) stated addressing the consumers’ complaints against both the brands and found out that both are responsible for furnishing updates that would tarnish phone’s performance and rendering them sluggish and shoddy.

As per the investigation follows, both Apple and Samsung have been recorded of furnishing latest software updates that would throttle the performance of the smartphone while bringing down the battery life and encouraging the customers to upgrade to a newer and ‘faster’ smartphone. Further, the authority accessed Samsung’ move to provide an Android Marshmallow update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 2016 when the update was meant for Note 7.

Soon after the update, users realized that the phone’s performance has been compromised and the battery life is going it at an unusual rate. AGCM also found out that since most of the Note 4 units were already out of warranty, consumers had to pay to get a replacement.

On the other hand, Apple too is famously known for its throttling practices as it acknowledged the fact that it intentionally slows down its iPhones in order to preserve degrading batteries. Apple is also contested for slowing down millions of iPhones encouraging the users to upgrade while it is also being contested for not allowing the users to understand the problems a software update could introduce while it didn’t inform users about the batteries, expectancy, and how it drains, etc.

There are more than 60 lawsuits against Apple right now while Samsung is indeed an old player playing such a foul practice, but it is summoned in courts for the first time in these matters for which, Samsung has stated that it will appeal in response to the fine while Apple remained unavailable to comment on it.

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