Salmonella outbreak recalls 200 million eggs but still continues to cause health problems

The outbreak of salmonella that had led to the destruction of 200 million eggs in the last month still continues to spread and affect the egg consumers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 35 people were admitted to the hospital from the nine states where salmonella outbreak was encountered: Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Florida, North and South Carolina.

The Washington Post reported that 11 people were hospitalized for severe health problems. However, there has been no death cases reported. When Rose Acre Farms was asked by the Washington Post about the situation, they were highly disheartened by the additional illnesses. They said they are really apologetic to everyone who have been sickened or who has a family member or friend who may have taken ill because of their packaged eggs. They clarified that they have implemented newly advanced remedial actions and have made efforts to correct the deficiencies at the agro farm.

They also took major steps just to make sure that the farm meets or qualifies the standards of USDA and FDA. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Rose Acre Farms came forward and took back 206,749,248 eggs from the Hyde County, North Carolina farm from where it gets distributed to the city. The farm eggs get sold under a number of brand names such as Coburn Farms, Food Lion, Country Daybreak, Glenview, Great Value, Nelms, and Sunshine Farms.

FDA explained that the eggs come in packaging from plant number P-1065 and with a date range of 011 by the date of 102 stamped on the carton. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted that consumers with these eggs shouldn’t eat them. Throw them away or return them to the place of purchase for credit or refund.

The FDA alarmed about the Salmonella Braenderup being a severe problem for health that can cause fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea in healthy individuals. Consumption of this salmonella could result in severe and fatal infections at times especially in children and elderly people. It can easily affect anyone with a weakened immune system and can result in serious health problems. Food Safety News reported that this has been the largest egg recall happened since the 2010 incident when the salmonella outbreak was associated with the recalling of eggs from two big farms nearly about 550 million eggs.


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