Review: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate; All-in-one converter, burner, GIF maker & video downloader

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate review: All-in-one converter, burner, GIF maker and video downloaded

I couldn’t believe myself until I tried it myself. Yes, I am talking about the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which is a powerful software that combines the features from converting audio to video and vice versa, lets the user burn a DVD, transfer the content to a user’s phone via USB cable and much more. I downloaded the software on my out-of-support two-year-old HP ac-series laptop which isn’t too quick and tends to slow down when I run heavy software like Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia, and others. But I was stunned to see that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate didn’t slow down my laptop even after I used it extensively to check out the various features.

I must say that it is lightweight and works best of any configuration of laptops and computers. The installation process was quick as I had to download the .exe file from the official Wondershare website that took less than a minute. Then, the whole software was up and running just within five minutes after I downloaded it. I was pretty stunned to see so many features at once and here, I am going to review ‘em all along with a short conclusion on whether you must check it out or not according to my opinion as well as hundreds of other users who already tried it.

The Interface

There are a majority of users who would resort to a software that looks and works fine with limited features than a software that has plenty of features but looks shabby and difficult. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the ultimate audio and video toolbox with plenty of features to enjoy along with a soothing and premium-looking graphical user interface that works without any lags.

All the icons and features are pretty self-explanatory that means, you don’t need a rocket science degree to understand the app at the first time itself if you compare with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other software. The canvas or the window where all the files will be loaded is huge and clean while the icons and other buttons are placed either on top or the bottom, thus, causing no clutter which I find very irritating.

The Features

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has an extensive list of features that I’ll discuss here. The software is quick and can work with batch videos and audio files to convert at once. The software lets the user process batch videos at once as well as the feature to merge all the videos that make things really simple. There are a bunch of other features under the Toolbox tab such as VR Converter, Cast to TV, GIF Maker, Screen Recorder, and the feature to Fix Media Metadata.

Its main functions are to convert video formats in hundreds of different audio and video formats as well as to burn videos on DVDs along with designing the template for the discs.  It supports a staggering 1000 formats of audio and video. To shade light on which format it supports, it has three different sections i.e. Video, Audio, and Device.

  • Video

This is one of the most fascinating and impressive features of Wondershare as here, you can check out the different formats under MP4 such as 4K video, 3D Red-Blue, 3D Left-Right, SD 480p, 640p, HD 720p, HD 1080p, to name a few. Similarly, there are other types of formats such as MOV, MKV, YouTube, Vimeo, XVID, AVI, VOB, MPEG, and others in which, there are different sizes, aspect ratio, definition and different degrees of videos you can convert.

  • Audio

Want to convert any video format into MP3 and other audio formats, choose from an array of audio formats from MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, APE, and others and that too in different codecs such as high-quality, lossless, and others.

  • Device

What if you want to optimize a video or audio file specifically for the smartphone brand that you use or to be more specific, what if you want to convert a file that belongs to the original resolution of your specific model, Apple iPhone 8, for instance. Well, with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you get this feature to convert files specifically for the smartphone brand such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Google, and further, you can convert the files specifically as per the requirements of your smartphone such as iPhone 8, HTC Mate 8, Nexus devices, to name a few.

The Modes

There are different Modes with varying features namely Convert, Download, Burn, Transfer, and Toolbox. I will be talking about all these sections and other features included with the free trial and paid version of this audio and video converter.

  • Convert

This is the first mode that will turn up by default whenever you start the software on your laptop or computer. This tab basically gives all-around features to convert file (Convert MP4 to MP3) formats from the colossal cache of supported formats. You can tap on ‘Add Files’ where you add select where you want to select a file, folder, or import files from any device or camcorder. Next is the ‘Load DVD’ which is a cool feature as now, you don’t have to first copy the stuff in a DVD onto your computer and then, convert it as you want. You can load ISO, IFO, or DVD folder right away.

Whatever you pick to convert goes in the ‘Converting’ section while the files that have been converted will slide into the ‘Converted’ section. Apart from this, you have a feature to schedule tasks, merge all the videos, as well as batch process all the videos at once. The most fascinating feature is its array of supported file formats which makes it one of the best in this segment of software. You can either choose from Audio, Video, Device formats and codecs or you can customize it by clicking on ‘Create Custom’.

  • Download –

Imagine an all-in-one video converter and video toolbox where you can actually download videos apart from converting it. With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate’ Download mode, you get the feature to paste an URL and download the required video. The software also gives High-Speed Download option if you are looking forward to downloading lengthy videos. You can also record screen using this software which is also, a great and must have feature.

  • Burn –

What will you do if you want to convert videos and then, burn it on a DVD? I would have to download and use two different software to do the same but not with this software as you get the mode to burn the DVDs right away. You can add files from various sources using the ‘Add Files’ tab or you can load another DVD files using ‘Load DVD’ feature. Furthermore, you can choose whether you want to burn the videos or files on a DVD using the writer or save it as an ISO file or burn it as a DVD folder and much more.

  • Transfer –

Want to transfer videos and files to any smartphone, flash disk, camcorder and any other media device? Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as it brings all the features on a single software. You can tap on the Transfer and connect the device using a USB cable to the computer and there you go. Choose files and you are free to transfer it at lightning speed.

  • Toolbox –

This is the powerhouse of varied features that you can enjoy. Firstly, there is a feature under Media Tools i.e. ‘Fix Media Metadata’ using which, you can fix and edit metadata of media files such as author name, date, and other details.  Other feature includes VR Converter that lets the user convert videos compatible with their VR devices. You can cast the video or the display of your computer or laptop directly via the app’s Cast to the TV.

You’ll find some additional features under the category of ‘Assistant Tools’ such as Screen Recorder and GIF Maker which is a great way to showcase a snippet of a video or photos that are quite popular on social media sites.


I downloaded and installed this app just a few days ago. Thanks to its outstandingly simple and clutter-free user interface, it is easy to understand and use. It has a bunch of powerful features for which, you would actually need to install more than one software if you want all the features that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate offers. It has a free trial version and a paid version and I would say if you are looking for a software that converts videos, grabs the screen, creates GIF, lets the user edit videos, and other tasks, you must definitely check out this software that takes just a few minutes to set up.

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