Review: Wondershare DVD Creator – simply but powerful

Wondershare DVD Creator Review: Simply Powerful DVD creator

Wondershare DVD Creator is one of the most powerful software available on the internet today with rivals such as Nero DVD Creator and others. I tried the software on my out-of-support two-year-old HP laptop and interestingly, the DVD Creator was easy to install. The entire installation process took just over 4 to 5 minutes which means, it could go down to 2 minutes or so on other new computer systems since mine was an out-of-support HP laptop. I tried the app for some time and here’s what I felt when I tried Try Wondershare DVD Creator and DVD Burner and if it’s good for the users or not in my opinion.

The features

You won’t install a software without knowing its features and neither will anyone else. It is essential that we know the features and the tools that we will get when we download and install an software. With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can create DVDs and Burn DVDs. You can add multiple videos at once and fill up the DVD to its maximum memory without any hassle.

It supports 150 file formats including images, audio, video, and other formats that makes it flexible. You can also extend support to few older formats using the ‘Options’ tab on the right side of the screen where you can instruct the software to support old formats too.


One of the most important aspects of a software is how it looks to the user. I must say that Wondershare DVD Creator looks pretty darn and classic after you install and open it from the desktop. The user is prompted to either open a new DVD disc, new Blu(Ray) disc or an existing project.

I have used products from Wondershare earlier too, however, this was the first time when I tried the Wondershare DVD Creator and trust me, the software is literally easy-to-use even if it’s your first time. There are basically four tabs that you will follow in order to create and burn a DVD where you can add multiple videos and other files to burn with just a click. All the other taps or menus on the menu bar are pretty self-explanatory and I didn’t take much time to understand and use it in minutes which is commendable for a first time user. Here’s how you can create your own DVD without any hassle.

Other features include customizable DVD menu, photo slideshow maker, and a bunch of video editing tools that you can with Wondershare DVD Creator.

1. Source

The main screen or window looks basic but that is all you require to create or burn a DVD. You’ll find a DVD on the fire-like icon on the top-right side of the screen where you get features such as Add, Open, Save, Save As, Recent, etc.

The top menu bar has four taps namely Source, Menu, Preview, and Burn. The Source tap is the default and opens when you start the software. When you are in Source, you can import audio, video, and other supported files. If you select DVD option, you can add files up to 4.7gigabytes and if you select DVD DL, you get 8.5gigabytes of space to import files and burn in the later step.

When you import a file, you can click on edit button or ‘pen’ icon where you can effect like transitions, duration, text, and font, music, etc that will take effect on the select file if you press on ‘OK’ and all other files if you tap on ‘Apply to all’.

Firstly, import the videos and other files that you want to create and burn on a DVD and proceed to the bottom of the screen. Here, select DVD if you have 4.7gigabytes or less data or you can choose 8.5gigabytes (DVD DL) if you have excess data. You can also choose the quality of the DVD from ‘Fit to Disc’, ‘Standard’, and ‘High Quality’. Once you have added all the files you need, proceed to the ‘Menu’ section from the topmost menu bar.

2. Menu

When you insert a DVD on a DVD player, you get a menu and that is what, this section provides you with the toolbox to edit. Choose the place on the screen for each of the individual video or file and then, choose the background.

Here’s what I loved about this software as it provides you will the tools to select the aspect ratio according to which, the DVD will be burned. You can play around with video and audio using dedicate tools on the same screen. Once you are done with adjusting the menu of the disc, proceed to the next section i.e. Preview.

3. Preview

This is where you can check out how the DVD will actually look if you burn it and check it out on a DVD player or on your computer. You can go back and edit some details if you want and when you are completely satisfied with the process, you can proceed to the Burn section.

4. Burn

First of all, you need to insert a DVD on your laptop or computer before commencing with this step. Here, you can edit the disc label, TV standard, and other parameters and finally, hit on the Burn button to create a DVD on just a click.


The software is very easy-to-understand and use and that is what gives it a plus point over others like Nero which is although easy but it is bulky on the computer due to its massive size and bunch of bloatware that it installs with it. If you are looking for a DVD Creator that provides some degree of editing tools, you must go for Wondershare DVD Creator. Although the software is an all-arounder in terms of features, it must have introduced a batch DVD burn feature that could allow a number of DVDs to be burned together.

Do I recommend it to other users? Absolutely yes because it took me literally minutes to figure out how the software works and that is what will interest people who are looking for a lightweight, easy to understand and easy to use DVD Creator without the hassle of affecting the performance of the system by installing heavy DVD creating software.

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