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How to recover lost Facebook messages from Samsung devices?

Well, it’s for sure that, in this internet world, every individual has an account on Facebook. As you know that, Facebook is a social networking platform, where individuals prefer to stay connected with their friends and family. In this platform, message sharing through messenger application is very common.

Because of easy and flexible message sharing, the individuals continue to manage their chat through Facebook. But have you ever imagined, if you lost your Facebook messages, can you recover them again? Probably, no one has thought about the worst scenario of losing the Facebook messages.

But yes, there are many individuals, who have faced such typical situations and have not found any appropriate solution to recover the Facebook messages. To understand the intensity of the situation, let’s have a look at some common scenarios, where you may lose your Facebook messages.

  • Broken phone

Sometimes, the individuals drop their Samsung phone accidentally, which lead to broken phone scenarios. In such situations, there are high chances that, your screen may break or your entire Samsung device may burst. Thus, it’s literally impossible to access the Facebook messages anymore.

  • OS crash –

This scenario is probably the rarest, as it doesn’t happen most of the time. If your Android device is subjected to malware or virus, then there are chances, your operating system may stop functioning and hence you may lose all Facebook messages and other important data.

  • Factory Reset –

In order to avoid the sluggish behavior of Samsung devices, the android users prefer to reset their Smartphones. Sometimes, they forget to keep any backup of the data and messages, and hence all the data are lost. In such situations, you may lose access to your Facebook messages.

  • Accidental message Deletion –

If you have accidentally deleted all your messages while cleaning up the memory, then it’s literally impossible to get back the deleted Facebook messages.

Dr.fone – The best Android data recovery software

So, these are the most common scenarios, where you may lose access to your Facebook messages. But now the question is, is there any feasible way to recover the lost Facebook messages from Samsung devices? Well, thanks to technology that, there is always an appropriate solution.

Dr. fone – Recover (Android) is a reliable android data recovery software which has got the highest Android data recovery rate in the world. Well, you may have come across many data recovery software, but no one assures you 100% data retrieval in above critical cases. But with dr. fone, you can easily recover all your important data and Facebook messages from your Samsung device.

You don’t need to be a computer-wiz in order to use dr.fone. It is very easy and simple to install dr.fone on your system and to use it for Android messages recovery. This innovative software has the capability to recover data & files from more than 6000 versions of Android. So, it doesn’t matter, which Android version is equipped with your Samsung device.

Mainly, dr.fone recovers data associated with backup synchronizing errors, R.O.M flashing, System crash, device breakage and others. Apart from Facebook messages, dr.fone can effectively recover data files like WhatsApp videos & messages, documents, photos, text messages, Contacts and other important data.

Things you need to ensure before initiating the recovery procedure

  • fone Android-only features Android Data recovery, so it is compatible with Android devices only.
  • Make sure Wondershare dr.fone is installed on your computer. If not then install Android Data Recovery Software.
  • Get a USB cable to connect the SAMSUNG device to the computer system.

Android Recovery procedure for dr.fone

Once you are ready with the above checkings, you are all set to initiate the data recovery procedure. Below here, complete step by step procedure is described keenly.

  • Launch dr.fone on your system

After you have installed the dr.fone software on your computer device, launch it and find the below-specified screen. If you are unable to see the below screen on your device, then uninstall and again install dr.fone on your system. As you need to recover your lost Facebook messages from your Samsung device, you need to click on the Recover option.

  • Connect your Samsung phone to the computer system

Now you need to connect the Samsung mobile phone to the system via the USB cable. After connecting the phone, enable the USB debugging in order to access the lost files on the system.

  • Select the files you need to scan

Once your Samsung device is effectively connected to the system, now you can see the below-mentioned screen on your window. If your phone is not rooted, then it will show you.

Two options – scan for deleted files and scan for all files. If you are looking for deleted messages, then click on the first option or else you can click on the second option. Remember; when you can click the second option, it may take more time to detect the entire recoverable file in your file. So, have some patience and don’t interrupt the scanning procedure.

After selecting any of the two options, you need to press the Next button on the down. This will allow dr.fone to scan the desired files on your Samsung device. Dr.fone will start analyzing the specified files and will process all the files on your screen.

  • Preview and recover necessary data

After the scan is complete, you will witness the below screen on your window. Here, you can see all the files, which are recoverable from Samsung device. So, here you need to click on the Facebook messages in order to recover the Facebook messages from your phone. You can easily preview all the messages before recovering them. So, you can select the desired messages, which you want to recover. After selecting the message files, you need to press the Recover button down the screen. It will take some time to recover the lost Facebook messages.

In case, you are having any further doubts in recovering the Facebook messages from your Samsung device through dr.fone, you can simply check the video tutorial and other necessary tips on this page.

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