Rang Rasiya has a weak script: Critics


Raja Ravi Varma, an idol for all the artists of the current era, is still praised as one of the most famous painters. He fought with the prevailing rituals and cultures of society for freedom of expression. He was the man who brought western and Indian cultures together and due to his art every Indian household is been available with god and goddesses images in human forms.

Ketan Mehta, who has showed his genius skills through his famous pieces such as “Sardar” and “Mirch Masala,” is now running his mind over his new film Rang Rasiya. According to sources, the picture is devoted to the icon Raja Ravi Varma so the story mostly revolves around how he worked hard to bring God at doorsteps of every Indian household but unfortunately when the love story starts the piece gets flunked.

The main characters in the story are Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen, who are performing the roles of Raja Ravi Varma and Sugandha. In the story Hooda paints different pictures of Sugandha symbolising her as the Goddess of Knowledge “Saraswati” and hence is opposed by the higher Hindu society who are criticizing his art saying he doesn’t have the right to symbolise a commoner with a God. Though the story goes well until sexual chemistry starts which is an unnecessary snag in the movie. It looks as if Randeep is uncomfortable in hot scenes and Nandana not being a good actor fails to produce the expression required by the character. Seeing the seriousness of Hooda in ‘Highway’ expectations were high but, unfortunately, his acting in this piece was not up to the mark. Although the supporting characters like Paresh Rawal who is playing a role of greedy businessman has done an excellent job. The story too flunks where audience expects more from Raja Ravi Varma to shine in the movie but unfortunately it does not happens.

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