Railway investments in ‘poor health’: Suresh Prabhu

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu made suggestions for better investments to improve the infrastructure of the government.

Railway has been trapped inside a “ruthless circle” of poor investments including services, said Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. Today he supported and made suggestions for better investments to improve the infrastructure of the government.

He said controlled investments in the railway system could convert the Indian Railways into an engine of success in the upcoming years. He said that India can be a 20 trillion dollar economy if it continuously produces a growth rate at 9%.

Suresh openly admitted to the fact that Railways finances were in ‘deep trouble’ and railways required a lot of investments to widen its network providing longer connectivity. He holds the view that 30 to 40,000 km of lines need to be established to transport increased cargo requirements apart from people.

He repented that India doesn’t possess such facilities or funds to put money into such sectors. He suggested that pension fund was one such way which could succor in getting more investments.
Taking the example of Naxalites-hit areas, Prabhu said apart from practicing security programs, a proper railway infrastructure could create better investments in these places and along with that it may also create job opportunities.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that his policies of changing rules in the government and initiating reformations at higher speed to change India from its present 2 trillion dollars into a 20 trillion dollar economy.

Citing Narendra Modi’s aim, he said policies which are ambitious and at the same time “doable” can help achieve the target.

He said that after determining the goals, there was an indigenous need to develop a stratagem to attain the objectives and the Modi government was operating on it.

Let’s hope that it does pan out and we may see a better railway infrastructure in the coming years.

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