Qualcomm brings us a step closer to 5G with its downsized X50 modem

Qualcomm brings us a step closer to 5G with its downsized X50 modem

The ascend of 5G is imminent. Although you might have heard that the 5G is coming but is it really there? Well, chip maker Qualcomm is working towards the 5G infrastructure as it revealed its 5G X50 modem in July this year which is barely 1/3rd of the size of a penny. Qualcomm unveiled the downsized QTM052 mmWave antenna module today at its 4G/5GB Summit in Hong Kong where the chip maker has reduced the size of the modem by 25 percent which is remarkable.

To put things into perspective, the X50 modem launched back in July was originally designed to be placed across all four edges of a smartphone for better network reception but because of its size, smartphone manufacturers could only integrate one of the four modules. But with the latest advancement in the successful downsizing of the modem, Qualcomm introduced the new 25 percent smaller variant at the event that would allow blazing fast access to high-frequency spectrum that would pass through the trees and weather with minimum attenuation.

The modem supports 5G up to 800Mhz of bandwidth in the 26.5 to 29.5 GHz, 5 to 28.35 GHz, 37 to 40 GHz mmWave bands. Back in February, San Diego-based Qualcomm stated that a total of 18 OEMs are working on their 5G smartphones using X50 modem which includes Asus, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. It isn’t much of a surprise that OnePlus too will get its first 5G smartphone early next year as it was highlighted by Carl Pie (Co-founder, OnePlus) during the summit.

OnePlus is known for its high-end flagship smartphones and therefore, we could assume that the upcoming OnePlus in 2019 namely OnePlus 7 will have high-end specs with 5G support and preferably Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 octa-core SoC which is also waiting for its official roll out. Qualcomm further stated that at least two brands will roll out their first 5G smartphones next year and we could count OnePlus as one of ‘em. Other brands that we know are working towards rolling out their own 5G smartphones are Xiaomi, Motorola among others.

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