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Pencil Rush 3D Mod Apk v0.6.0 – APK and other details inside

Pencil Rush 3D Mod apk

Most people might have used the paint app in their childhood. The most promising app that’s had some space on the desktop was the paint application. That was the only game that ruled the minds of kids when they were small. But now, we have plenty of versions of paint games which are much more interesting than the traditional ones. We are here with the APK of pencil Rush 3D. This is a very colorful and enjoyable app, that can make you feel calm and stress-free. Let us take a look at the specifications of the app.


Pencil Rush 3D is a very unique and colorful application where you just need to paint and chill. The working of the game is very simple you just need to take a few challenges and make things happen with the pencil in your hand. You need to run the pencils, by crossing various obstacles that come in your path. The game please very simple and easy to understand it is not at all complex. As many colors as you want, just to make your day you might be wondering, why people like playing these games. Well, in today’s time where people are worried thinking about their life, stressing around work, there seems to be no other source of happiness.

Pencil rush could be an application that can help you calm your mind and relieve all your stress. Various other things that you can do to refresh yourself, phones to be one. Everything is online, then why not these painting apps. Pencil Rush is a game played on android, which has various vibrant features that make the game very interesting and relaxing. The gameplay of pencil Rush 3-D is very simple, where you just get a white sheet to do all your creative work. The developers have focused on keeping the game very basic and simple. You may get a colors pencil by which you can participate in various races and win rewards. You need to cross various obstacles to move forward.

Moreover, once you are done you will also have a drawing line along with the race. Hence, this game allows you to have the excitement and thrill of a racing game along with the calmness of a painting game.  The graphics are excellent, with vibrant colors and a beautiful ambiance. The game can capture 60 frames per second with 720 pixels resolution. You have unlimited money in the game so that you can upgrade stuff and buy new things from the store. In the original game, you need to on money levels and winning races. But here, you have everything free of cost.

Details of Pencil Rush 3D Mod Apk v0.6.0

Name Pencil Rush 3D
Version 0.6.0
Get it officially on Pencil Rush 3D, Size- 67 Mb 
Cost Free
Developer Gismart
Genre Casual
Required Android 4.4 and above

Download now

Features of Pencil Rush 3D Mod Apk v0.6.0

There are various exciting features that can convince you to download the game. Let us look at some of these so that your gameplay becomes much easier and interesting

  1. The most prominent feature of this APK is the unlimited money that you get to buy new stuff and upgrade items. You can visit the store and have anything of your choice, no matter what the prices. In the original game, you need to win rewards to earn money, which takes lots of time and effort.
  2. The gameplay of the game is very simple where you just have to cross obstacles. There is nothing that can tire you. Moreover, initially, it becomes very easy to understand how things go.
  3. You get new levels added in this APK, Which can definitely be challenging.
  4. The game is free from bugs and technical errors. You can have a very smooth experience, without actually doing efforts
  5. The graphics of the game are flawless with 720-pixel quality. These graphics end up making the game quite colorful and joyous.


How to install Pencil Rush 3D Mod Apk v0.6.0

Installing the game is not a difficult job; we have compiled the best method so that it becomes a cup of tea for you. We have made sure that the link is working and safe from all viruses. Apart from this, if you are unable to download the game at once, you Mary retry with the same link.

  1. First of all, if you have any prior version of this game, make sure that you uninstall it from your device
  2. Be careful while managing space. Make sure that your device has sufficient space to load the game.
  3. Enable download from unknown sources by going into settings, privacy, and enabling download from unknown sources. This will help you download games from third-party websites other than the play store
  4. Download the link and process the file
  5. Once you are done, follow the instructions and install them on your device.
  6. You might see the game floating on your device
  7. Now, start painting a world of your dreams!


This was all about pencil rush 3D Mod APK. This game is a lot more fun when you play it. We hope that the downloading process was easy for you. The game is a blast of fun, calmness, challenges, and rewards. Provide you with unlimited money, by which you can Buy anything that you want. If you feel that the game is just simple, you are wrong. The game has difficult challenges also, which might catch your interest. You can try it for yourself!

Frequently asked questions regarding Pencil Rush 3D mod apk

Is this game free of cost?

Yes, the game is free of cost and you get all the features without saying anything. What is important, you get unlimited coins in the game that to free of cost without any effort.

Is it safe to use the link?

Yes, it is safe to use the link. If you are worried about bugs and technical errors, you need to be stress-free and just enjoy the game. Moreover, it is free from viruses.

Can the game be played with multiple users?

No, the game can be played in a single mode and not in multiple user modes. As soon as the game is available in multiple user modes, we would be the first want to update you.

How much storage does the game require?

You need at least 1GB of storage in your device, to download the game. The size of this game is comparatively very less as compare to others.

What is new in this game?

You get to witness different challenges in the game, which are much more difficult than the previous one. Moreover, it is free of technical errors and bugs. On top of it, you get amazing graphics with a very smooth gameplay

Video tutorial


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