Peggy Whitson

US President congratulates astronaut Peggy Whitson for spending most non-consecutive days in space!

Peggy Whitson- US Astronaut has pinned up her spectacular achievements by adding one more star to the records! She broke the record for spending most non-consecutive days in space!

Her record was registered for spending around 666 days in the space! Peggy Whitson aged 56 years also has registered a record of highest space walking female astronaut. This American female astronaut is the first lady to take charge of commanding the International Space Station for two times!

Donald Trump- US president send the lady astronaut greetings for the incredible and outstanding achievements. The US President enquired the lady astronaut how she felt after breaking such high scoring records. President stated that it indeed was an incredible record scored by the lady astronaut. He congratulated the lady for her achievements on behalf US as well as the world!

Responding to Trump’s wishes, Whitson stated that she felt honored as she was able to represent everyone in NASA who had strived hard giving high efforts to make the space travel possible!

Apart from the discussions of her achievements, Whitson stated the impacts of advanced technology and its benefits. She mentioned about a system that would convert urine into drinking water for the astronauts. Realizing the reaction of the president on such statement, Whitson assured that it was a helpful invention and is not bad as it appears!

Trump getting convinced with the statement expressed his gladness! Whitson added to her statement that the research that was held at the International Space Mission has provided a key bridge from the earth to travel elsewhere into the deep space and particularly Mars!

President had called Peggy Whitson and her fellow astronaut on Wednesday to congratulate on their achievements! Peggy Whitson discussed with the President about the aim of sending astronauts to Mars.

Peggy Whitson stated that she got the inspiration to become an astronaut from Apollo Program by NASA. She is identified as the highly experienced USA spacewoman. The previous record of spending highest days in space was 534, which was previously held by Jeff Williams. She broke the record that compiled over three Space Station trips.

Trump inquired commander Whitson about the expectations of flying to Mars to which Whitson stated they were all set to fly and they would give their best efforts to achieve the targeted mission. The entire team is quite excited to travel Mars in 2030s!

Whitson also shared some encouraging words for students who aim to initiate their career with STEM. She wishes that the young people must recognize the steps that are to be taken within near future!

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