Osama Bin Laden’s letter from U.S. raid revealed

Osama Bin Laden’s letter from U.S. raid revealed

During the Osama Bin Laden’s den raid by the Americans which led to the demise of the terrorism God, many documents and materials were recovered which have been kept from the world at par. But, recently, The Obama administration has released hundreds of letters, books, magazine articles and other materials of the seizure during the raid at Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

The collection included connections and conversations between Bin Laden, his family, and other al-Qaida leaders. Apart from that, a list of a considerably large amount of digital English-language book collection, an al-Qaida application, and spreadsheets monitoring the ebbs and flows of money within the terror organization were recovered.

The letters have revealed the love he held for his family and his vogue with jeopardizing America’s state in front of the world and his love for English Literature.

Another unnerving detail that has come to light is that Bin Laden actually wanted to leave his compound in Pakistan’s Abbottabad town, months before the raid that consummated his life. He was living in frustration over there and wanted to leave as soon as it could have been possible.

“I think that I have to leave them. But it will take few months to arrange another place where you, Hamza, and his wife can join us. I ask for your forgiveness and I hope you will understand the situation and pray that God makes it easy to reunite, God willing,” Osama wrote to his wife Khairiyah in one of his letters.

The possibilities if he could have moved are countless. He could have quadrupled the terrorism and would have made this world an insolence of misery and chaos. He might have been dead, but just like a Hydra, at his place another two heads have grown to continue his path of violence and terror.

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