Oculus accidentally ships out thousands of Oculus Touch controllers with creepy messages

Oculus accidentally ships out thousands of Oculus Touch controllers with creepy messages

These products have one-liner messages inscribed on them but they aren’t ‘fortune cookies’? Well, Nate Mitchell who is the co-founder of now Facebook-owned Oculus, posted a tweet starting about the easter egg labels that were inscribed on Oculus Rift Touch controllers were shipped accidentally.

According to the series of tweets posted on Twitter, Nate explained how these creepy easter eggs message labels meant for internal prototype use actually found its way towards tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers that were shipped although currently haven’t sold yet.

Further, easter egg labels include messages like “Big Brother Is Watching”, “The Masons were here”, “Hi iFixit! We See You!”, “This Space for Rent”, and others that were inscribed in the internal hardware of Oculus Touch controllers. Originally meant for internal prototype use only, Oculus accidentally inscribed these messages onto the controllers which have shipped in tens of thousands of products that will hit up for sales in a few days. Anyhow, Nate did apologize for this accident, however, there is no calling back since Facebook wouldn’t recall these products as they won’t hinder with the integrity of the hardware anyhow.

Nate added that some of these messages seem “inappropriate” and that it shouldn’t have been passed onto consumer products, however, they have rectified the issue and thus, no more products will be printed with such creepy messages. One of the messages directs towards iFixit which is a known brand in deconstructing new gadgets while others are a reference to advertising in case of the message “This Space is for Rent” or a hint towards god in the message that reads “Big Brother is Watching”, etc.

The report adds that there is no privacy-related concern with the labels as well although Facebook is a massive social media site with half the population of the Earth that uses it daily along with WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook is not too good with keeping the privacy and security of its users intact as seen in plenty of controversies and scandals involving Facebook with bigwigs such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal that links Facebook’s contribution in the winning of Trump Government and so on.

Facebook is currently looking forward to unifying all its social media services into one giant tech although all these services will act independently under a single roof. Facebook’s Oculus is a state-of-the-art VR company that makes brilliant VR products such as Oculus Rift and more. Let’s see what happens next in Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

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