New Zealand marked its third highest record for whale stranding

whale stranded in new zealand

On Monday, hundreds of rescuers and New Zealand authorities were busy in cutting holes on the carcasses of the whales in order to avoid the explosion, so that it will be easy to decompose them in some safe places. The holes were made on around 300 stranded whales. But all total there were around 600 whales that stranded on the beach.

This incident of whale stranding is considered as the third largest record in the history of New Zealand. From the 1800s, the records were being updated, and according to the records, this whale stranding incident is highly devastating. Previously in 1918, around 1000 whales were stranded on the Chatham Islands and in 1985, 450 whales were found stranded in the Auckland.

According to the Department of Conservation, around 276 whales died in that incident, and around 400 whales were rescued on the South Island beach. These were the Long-finned pilot whales, which were very common to the Golden Bay. The reason for such a hazardous incident is still unknown, but as per the predictions, the shallow muddy water on Golden Bay confused the whale’s sonar, and they were trapped by an ebb tide. Thus a large number of whales were found stranded on the beaches of Golden Bay.

The previous reports hinted about the presence of the whales around the Golden Bay just at a distance of 6 Kms from the offshore. The whales were seen while swimming on Sunday, and after four days this incident seemed to happen. On Thursday, around 400 whales became stranded on the beach while on Saturday another 200 whale stranded on the beach.

On Monday, it was found that the workers were busy in releasing the internal gases from the carcasses of the whales with the help of knives and big needles. The situation is very sensitive in that area, as the whales can explode at any time. Thus that particular area has been closed for the public and tourists in order to ensure proper safety. The public has been alerted about the whale carcasses and it has been ordered to inform the rescue team, in case they find any carcasses near the offshore.

Though this species is not listed on the endangered list, but still it is necessary to take care of the reasons of whale stranding, so that these mammals can be saved from accidental death.

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