New study says space is full of grease!!

Along with being huge, bitterly cold and dark, space is also quite greasy. A recent research conducted by a group of international researchers has pointed out to this new finding. The team reportedly developed materials having properties that are similar to interstellar dust. The final composition resembled to be grease. The study’s researchers even inferred that the Milky Way has rich deposits of “space grease.”

The researchers at the Ege University in Turkey and the University of New South Wales in Sydney (UNSW), who were involved in this study, focused on the fourth most typical element present in our universe, carbon. Around 0.5 of the carbon present in space is considered as pure. The rest of the carbon is characterized into 2 parts on the basis of chemistry. One is reportedly a sort of association that resembles a mothball, known conventionally as aromatic carbon. The other one resembles nothing but grease known generally as aliphatic carbon.

The carbon that is present in interstellar dust is considered as the outpour of “carbon stars,” which is a huge red body that comprises of more amount of carbon as compared to the quantity of oxygen. The violent stellar winds usually blow away around 0.5 of the carbon star’s entire mass giving rise to interstellar dust.

This dust reportedly helps in the formation and growth of the Universe by bringing in materials and components that are responsible for the evolution of stars in the future. An important point to be noted is that interstellar dust has potential abilities to travel remarkably.

The researchers rebuilt it in the lab by keeping plasma comprising carbon compounds inside vacuum at a standard minimum temperature. No sooner did the material got collected than the researchers involved in the study used magnetic resonance along with spectroscopy to analyze the quantity of the material, which ingested infrared rays of a specific frequency.

Around hundred greasy “carbon atoms” were found per million hydrogen atoms. This signified that the greasy “carbon atoms” are present in around one quarter to 0.5 of the entire amount of carbon existing in interstellar dust. Our Milky Way galaxy consists of greasy carbon weighing up to ten billion trillion trillion tonnes.

All the observations of this recent research have been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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