New study claims that the invasions of alien species is rising throughout the world

A new study has revealed that the number of alien species invading the Earth has elevated alarmingly. As per the latest study, nearly 16 percent of the total species on the Earth as considered as potential outsider species and the numbers are rising globally. More number of outsider species have been added to the portfolio which were previously not considered outsiders.

The latest research carried out by a group of scientists from the University College London revealed that the quantity of recently developing outsider species keeps on increasing representing a critical test to biosecurity mediations across the world. For the research, the scientists at Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center (BiK-F), the University of Vienna and UCL looked a worldwide database of 45,984 records between 1500 and 2005.

Out of those, almost 16,019 were found to be outsider species. They wanted to know how outsider species spread around the world. They found out that between the year 2000 and 2005 almost 1 4th of the records of the species were outsiders that were not previously discovered as an outsider. Co-author of the study, Professor Tim Blackburn said, “While most new records do relate to the spread of species we already knew were aliens, the fact that one in four relates to a completely new alien species is both surprising and troubling.”

The study revealed that although the extent of recently developing outsider species has stayed consistent the aggregate number of outsider species has elevated. Most of the outsider species consist of Bugs, mollusks, and different spineless creatures. Flying creatures like birds are the least contributor the growing outsider species. Co-author Dr. Ellie Dyer said that there has been a dip in the proportions of newly emerging species from known or established sources, like historical European colonies owing to measures taken by to prevent alien species invasion. But according to Dyer, this decrease has been offset by newly emerging alien species elsewhere and it is likely that one can expect many more new invasions beginning to appear from regions with large and growing economies.

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