New Habitable Exoplanet Helps Show Why We Love Space So Much

Scientists have given some hope to space colonization with the discovery of a habitable Earth-sized planet that circles its own sun-like star, as reported by NASA. The data from NASA’s Kepler telescope found the exoplanet in a star’s habitable zone – the space which allows it to use the star to provide life, just like our sun. Gaining 75% of the sunlight we do; this exoplanet may be the best chance so far at finding another habitable planet. But, just how likely is an exodus to another planet – and why are we so obsessed with finding one?

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SpaceX Marks the Spot

One of the most prevalent examples of our desire to colonize outer space was given weight by Tesla’s Elon Musk with his SpaceX program. In April 2020, Musk tweeted that his Falcon 9 rockets were becoming so conducive for interstellar travel that the insurance premiums on their success had been dropped by more than $1 million. A space insurance expert later clarified that the lower premiums were for the cost of the rocket’s creation and not for the fact they were likely to be reliable for space travel, according to CNBC.

Nevertheless, the widespread coverage of Musk’s adventures into space, including the launch of his car into the stratosphere, have given more weight to the idea that we could end up traveling further than our own planet. Indeed, news that celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio are buying tickets for the Virgin Galactic space flight helped people see that space travel was actually a possibility.

Source: Pixabay

Our Undying Love of Space

Outer space is a popular theme in everything from TV and music to film, gaming, and even online casino. Hollywood touches upon space travel constantly. These include early Hollywood monster from outer space flicks in the 1950s to contemporary blockbusters such as Gravity (2013) and Interstellar (2014) to series such as Picard (2020) and Avenue 5 (2020). The fact that space remains such an unknown quantity means it is rife for adaptation and our natural curiosity means that we will always wonder what might exist out there and how it could affect us.

In the world of online casino, space is also a common theme with a multitude of games utilizing this. The wide variety of operators means it can be easy to get lost so sites such as Casino Market provide reviews for each online casino site – judging among other things, the game software that players can interact with, and a number of those sites have space-themed slot games. These include Ultimate Universe that focuses on what you might find in the ether, Space Traders that takes a look at those who might live in another galaxy, and the popular Starburst slot that takes the theme of the gems and rocks that may be found in outer space. Indeed, black diamond, peridot, moldavite, and tektite are found on objects that have descended from space.

The new space race – now between millionaires and not between the USA and Russia – is to make space travel the new norm. The likelihood of populating another planet in this lifetime is low, but there is nothing to say should humanity survive for hundreds or thousands more years, some of those might not be in space.

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