NASA wants you to spend next New Year’s eve with New Horizons

NASA plans for next new year: New Horizon

Next year the space agency NASA will launch the most primitive and most distant object ever traveled known as New Horizon spacecraft. This spacecraft will encounter with Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69, which is way far than Pluto. The shuttle will take the close-up look at a fundamental region of the solar system and will be operated in deep space which was practically not known.

Jim Green director of NASA planetary science division said that the Voyagers and Pioneers traveled through the Kuiper Belt at that time when they were not aware of the existence of that region. She continued that the New Horizon will know more about these objects. She said that Nasa invites everyone to enter in the next year with great excitement of finding the unknown.

Along with the hundreds or thousands of other small worlds, MU69 is also wrapped in mystery. The fact is all we know about it was from the information gained from Hubble Space Telescope. Other than this an observation campaign held last summer in which the team of New Horizons collected data about MU69 when it passed in front of three stars. These investigations showed that MU69 could possibly be two different objects may be accompanied by a star or a moon.

Marc Buie, the scientist who headed the observation campaign, said that our observations tell us this object is going to have a lot of surprises for New Horizon. He added that soon they are going to see something that can relate and will solve the mystery of evolution. According to the scientists, the New Horizon will fly three times closer to MU69 letting the cameras of the spacecraft capture a close look of the object’s surface.

The project scientist Hal Weaver said that by linking the pictures with the measurements, they make of the composition of and near the environment of MU69 should teach them a great opportunity about the objects that created the dwarf planets. The New Horizon mission also includes investigation of other Kuiper Belt objects, measurements of the plasma, gas and dust environment of this Kuiper Belt.

Alice Bowman, the operation manager of New Horizon, stated that this mission is a complete and extensive examination of the Kuiper Belt. This spacecraft will collect data every year while the team will work together to plan the project and will shape it. This project ‘New Horizon’ is presently under hibernation.

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