NASA gives away 56 patents including Moon dust fuel, Laser engines and Bio gaming

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The US space agency NASA has dumped 56 patents for the public use so that private firms like SpaceX can use it to for the benefit of the public. In addition, they have also unveiled a searchable database that contains thousands of expired NASA patents. The database has been made public by the American space agency and anyone can use it for free.

NASA is among the most famous space agency and holds thousands of patents that were developed for their space missions. However, now NASA scientists believe that the technologies developed for space also have non-aerospace use and making it available for the public will eliminate the time, expense and paperwork often associated with licensing intellectual property.

Technologies like image processing and digital camera were developed by the NASA for space programmes but several years later they found better use in the non-aerospace applications. Recently released patents include rocket nozzles, thrusters, sensors, propulsion methods, advanced manufacturing processes, aircraft wind designs, performance optimisation of rockets and improved rocket safety mechanism.

“By releasing this collection into the public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new ways to commercialise NASA technologies,” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer programme executive. He further added that the step by NASA will encourage research and development which will be beneficial for the mankind and it will enhance comfort and quality of life of a common man.

The technologies that have been released for the public use that have high potential but due to its low demand they have a small market as of now, but this step by the US space agency will increase the development as well as demand.

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