A mysterious flying object spotted over Los Angeles, might be the aliens landing on Earth

A Bizarre looking UFO-like object was seen hovering over Los Angeles has baffled the onlookers. On Friday, residents of Southern California witnessed a mysterious unknown flying object hovering in the dark winter sky. The residents of Loss Angles were stunned by the flashing of bright light across the night sky.

According to the sky watchers, the strange object was having the shape of a giant jellyfish with a large glowing tail. Many people thought it to be a UFO, but actually, it was a “contrail from the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that was scheduled to blast off from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Friday evening. The contrail is an artificial cloud made by the exhaust of a jet aircraft or a rocket that precipitate a stream of tiny ice crystals in moist, frigid upper layer.

Radio personality Jo Jo Wright tweeted, #Aliens are Landing!!! This sighting above @UniStudios by @iAmLettyB!!! Some say it’s #SpaceX, I say #UFO. She also shared a mind-blowing view of the SpaceX rocket on the micro-blogging website. After watching the jelly-fish shaped object actress Jenna Fischer said, “LA…what the heck is this weird jellyfish thing going across the sky right now,” Everybody was excited as well as baffled after getting a glimpse of the mysterious flying object. Many took to social media sites to express their excitement and their thoughts about the strange object with a glowing tail.

The 53-year-old singer-songwriter Courtney Love took a jibe at SpaceX head Elon Musk and funnily held Musk responsible for bringing aliens on our Planet. She tweeted, “@elonmusk is taking us into the future. Watch out the universe, here come the weirdest aliens you’ve ever seen, us.” As Christmas is near, many also called the mysterious object flying incidence as Santa’s ride.

A person wrote, “It’s Santa Clause of course. Doing a dry run before the big event.” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also joined the twitter battle and said, “it was definitely aliens.” Finally, The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department released a statement on Twitter and confirmed that the mysterious object was not a UFO but was the contrail of SpaceX rocket launch. They tweeted, “SpaceX rocket launch from Vandenberg was the flash you saw in the sky! No cause for concern.”

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